Zoom will have virtual avatars and templates for meetings: like Apple and Meta


Zoom has announced the introduction of virtual avatars in the video conferencing application. They will work similarly to Apple’s Memoji and will show real-time movement.

In addition to the movements of the hands and body, the camera will also capture facial expressions, transmitting it to the avatar. According to the company, this will help “spice up” the conference, and at the same time provide the opportunity not to appear in the camera in person. However, the idea of ​​introducing avatars is not new even for Zoom – at the beginning of 2023, the company showed a similar function, but with the image of animals. It will also help replace static profile pictures.

The human avatars feature is currently available as a beta test, and more facial features, hairstyles, and various customization options will be added over time.

To all this, the company added templates – these are settings that are convenient for various meetings. For example, for large meetings, you can run screen recording and automatic captioning, and for seminars, user control.

Zoon will also have message threads and reactions coming soon. This will help users express their emotions more clearly and respond to posts.

Other changes include the addition of questions and answers in meetings. The function is useful for teachers and teachers.

Earlier ICTV Facts made a detailed instruction,how to change language on zoom. It will help those who want to increase the comfort of using the application.