Zico Tells Us In His Big Return He Is A Freak

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It just doesn’t feel real to me that we’re finally getting some new Zico music. The registration feels 100 years old to me. However, I still haven’t forgotten the fact that his company was acquired by HYBE when he was listed, but I guess you win some and you lose some just hoping he gets a good amount of coins for the company. In other news, I really liked Zico’s pre-release song and I’m really happy that this title track was released. Zico really always has something really exciting up his sleeve and Freak had me intrigued by his teasers. Let’s get into the review.

Freak is an absolute hype track I say and I’m here for it. The song starts off strong and continues smoothly into a solid rap verse. Chorus is the place for me, the instrumental goes crazy. Freak is the type of Zico go crazy go crazy music that I really enjoy and would do exactly that “Let’s get freaky”. I think “Ohh Republic of Korea” is also very catchy and leads to a really good hook. I honestly can’t say too much about Freak because I really like the song and the energy. It’s different with Seoul Drift, while the song is the cold side Zico Freak is the “weird” side of the hype and I love it. This will definitely work on playlists and Freak just lifted my mood right away. Zico snapped at this.

I have to say that the name EP Grown Ass Kid is kind of a mood. Aren’t we all just big kids? And we can see a different side of Zico in those songs, Freak is the fun side, the cold Seoul Drift and other songs are the moody side. I still enjoy the rap songs as much as the others. I love it when Zico raps and the flow is crazy here. Overall, this comeback is a total win for me, I’m so happy this legend is back! (By the way, did we hear Nocturnal beasts? It’s hot!)

It’s been a while since Zico returned from his mandatory military service and it’s been fun to finally release some new music. Girls can only live in Anti so much. Seoul Drift is a great track to get us excited for a comeback and its chill vibe is much needed and appreciated this month. On the other hand Freak comes to us from the other side – a completely hype song but still sounds summery to get us moving. I knew Freak would be very interesting (it’s Zico) and I was absolutely right, but let’s talk more in the review.

Freaks are a lot of fun. It’s hype, energetic, has a really cool demeanor and is overall a great song to listen to when you need to get yourself moving and moving like on this gloomy Wednesday. The chorus of this song reminds me a lot of Block B and their overall vibe and atmosphere and it made me realize even more how much I miss This is the kind of attitude that has always worked for me and it shows that a particular kind of easily accepted trust comes with seniority as well. Zico is a great performer and it shows here again – his melodies and tunes are sure to get you moving in a certain way every time. Freak is a great title and the kind of energy we’ve been missing recently.

The mini album is great too. Trash Talk featuring Changmo is one of the highlights when it comes to b-sides because it has a good, catchy chorus with fantastic instrumentals that support the energy from start to finish. There’s just something about this song that resonates with me and I recommend checking it out if you enjoyed Zico’s previous titles and music in general.

Welcome back, Ziko. Let’s make interesting and fun music.