Yusei Yagi bursts into tears on the day he finished filming “Beautiful Boyfriend”, and Toshihisa Hagiwara is certified as a “ONE PIECE person”


A pre-screening event with stage greetings to announce the completion of ” Theatrical Edition Utsukushii Kare ~eternal~ ” will be held on March 27th at TOHO Cinemas Roppongi Hills in Tokyo.

"Theatrical Version Utsukushii Kare ~eternal~" pre-screening event.  From the left, Toshihisa Hagiwara and Yusei Yagi.

This work is the theatrical version of the serial drama “Utsukushii Kare”, which is a live-action adaptation of a BL novel by Yu Nagira. The story of Kazunari Taira, who works as an assistant to a popular photographer, and Kanade Seii, who is active as an actor, is drawn. Taira was played by Hagiwara, and Kiyoi was played by Yagi.

Hagiwara and Yagi, who went up on stage, first praised each other, saying, “Your face is beautiful no matter when you look at it” and “Your eyes look like black beans.” When the MC who saw the exchange called out, “Aun’s breathing, isn’t it?”, Yagi said, “What is Aun’s breathing?” Hagiwara retorted, “Are you really listening!?” In the shooting episode, the name of the turtle “Kamejiro” was mentioned, and Hagiwara said, “During the drama season 1, it was a doll, but after season 2, it changed to a real turtle. I was worried about it, but this time I was too energetic,” recalled. When Yagi nodded, “There was a time when Kamejiro made a squealing sound and it was NG,” Hagiwara laughed, “Kamejiro is also fired up, so I’d like you to watch it.”

Looking back on the crank-up, Yagi said, “Originally, the crank-up was the day before, but there was a scene that I wanted to try again due to the day’s (light) relationship, so I decided to shoot it the next day. I’m convinced. I’m glad I was able to take a picture of something. It was impressive because it felt like everyone was making it.” . On the other hand, Hagiwara said, “I had the same feeling, but when I looked at the messages, I saw that ‘Thanks to Toshihisa-san, I’m hooked on ONE PIECE!’ I laughed when I thought that I had become a ONE PIECE person,” showing a contrasting reaction.

At the end of the event, there was also an act where a message from Nagira was read aloud. “This beautiful man is certainly a story I created, but you two have expanded that world even further.” “Thank you very much for showing us such a beautiful dream. In response to Nagira’s comment, Hagiwara said, “I heard that it would be difficult to visualize this work, no matter what the visuals or characters. Thanks to everyone who gave us a lot of impressions and reactions to the drama.Relying on those voices, we filmed “This is good.” Thinking about before season 1, the movie version was completed. It’s like a miracle,” he said. Thanks to everyone, I realized once again that I was able to shoot and deliver this movie. Thank you.” I thanked the audience.

Directed by Mai Sakai, “Theatrical Version Utsukushii Kare ~eternal~” will be shown nationwide in Tokyo, TOHO Cinemas Hibiya, and other locations from April 7th.