Yuna ITZY’s Visual From Debut To Now So Talks, Has Something Changed?


A Post On The Online Community Site Pann Highlights Yuna’s Visuals From Debut Until Now. According To Netizens Who Published The Post, Nothing Has Changed From The ‘LOCO’ Singer.

Shin Yuna Itzy admired by many people since the debut of not only thanks to its ability on stage but also pretty face. Recently, the visual of the youngest member of ITZY from year to year has become a concern.

A post on the online community site Pann highlights Yuna’s visuals from debut until now. According to netizens who published the post, nothing has changed from the “LOCO” singer and her face is still beautiful from the past until now.

Where has changed? All the photos are beautiful, but I think his eyes have become bigger and his jaw has become thinner because he lost baby fat, the netizen wrote in his post. Other netizens also commented on this post.

But I think ‘DALLA DALLA’ suits her better than her current style, commented netizens. She was very beautiful when she debuted. Her facial margins changed and the tip of her nose and philtrum changed subtly, said another netizen.

But the two faces in front are smiling and the last photo is a serious face. Yuna’s eyes are round and beautiful, praised netizens. The eyes used to be big, but now they’re big up and down, so they’re not round, said another.

Isn’t Yuna’s visual surprising? When I watched her fancam, her eyes became very big so she looked very beautiful. Fancam ‘DALLA DALLA’ Yuna, she is the prettiest among all the members, said a netizen.

No, isn’t it weirder that she has the same face when she was 17 and 19 years old? This frustrates me. Pretty things won’t change, another commented. His eyes are similar to Jihyo ,added another.

Visual Yuna ITZY dari Debut sampai Sekarang Jadi Pembicaraan, Ada yang Berubah?

ITZY Member Was Surprised When Yuna Admitted ‘Love To Crazy’

Most K-Pop Idols Would Immediately Deny A Question Like This, But Yuna Has An Impressive Answer. The 2003-Born Singer Answered It Casually.

Given that Shin Yuna is still a minor, it’s not surprising that the other older ITZY members are protective of her. When Yuna said that she had experienced love, her teammates showed interesting reactions.

The JYP Entertainment girl group recently guested on SBS Radio to promote their new album, “Crazy In Love.” Here, the radio host asks the members, “Have you guys ever loved to madness?”

Most K-Pop idols would immediately deny a question like this, but Yuna has an impressive answer. The 2003-born singer casually said, “Yes” and this caught the attention of the other members.

Most of them turned to look at him as if to confirm that he actually said those words. Moments later, Yuna clarified that she was completely in love with their fan, MIDZY.

Yuna has unsurprisingly been “crazy in love” with millions of people who follow her group wholeheartedly. Everyone laughed at this unexpected answer.

(I fell in love with) MIDZY!” Yuna exclaimed. Yuna also made sure to give a shout out to her parents like a dutiful daughter. Finally, he mentions his fellow members as people he respects as well.

In other news, a post on the online community site Pann highlighted Yuna’s visuals from debut to now. According to netizens who published the post, nothing has changed from the “LOCO” singer and her face is still beautiful from the past until now.

This Is Yuna ITZY’s Answer When Asked If She Is Happy At JYP
After Ryujin Told Rain About What It Was Like To Work With Park Jin Young, The Veteran Singer Gave Yuna A Statement About Her Agency.

Talking about idol groups, one of the main questions fans want to know is how they feel about their agency. In particular, the latest group to share thoughts about their agency is ITZY .

ITZY recently appeared in a video with Rain , and after he revealed whether he thought ITZY should stay with JYP, they played a little game where they all had to ask each other questions.

After Shin Ryujin told Rain about what it was like to work with Park Jin Young , the veteran singer gave Shin Yuna a statement to discuss. As expected, it had something to do with the agency as Rain said, “I really like (your) agency, so I’m happy. You’ve felt it, right?”

Yuna seemed to have to think about her answer for a few seconds before replying, “There are times when I’m happy (at JYP).” However, his face after saying that made the other members laugh. The staff then asked him when he was happy, and Lia added that they wanted to know all the details.

As expected, Yuna chose when she first debuted with ITZY in 2019 and specifically chose their first appearance on Mnet’s ” M Countdown “. But that’s the end of the essence of Yuna’s answer.

However, with JY Park’s hilarious meme, fans will have to wait to hear if he explains it.

Once again, ITZY has proven how charismatic they can be when they don’t have the constraints of a traditional interview.