Yuna ITZY Graduated From Hanlim High School, Graduation Photos Make Amazed So Beautiful


Yuna Graduated From The Practical Dance Department Through A Ceremony Held On February 11. Her Photos Were Quickly Revealed To The Public And They Reminded Everyone That She Is The Best Visual.

Following in the footsteps of her sisters at ITZY , Shin Yuna has just graduated from high school. The “Mafia in the Morning” singer showed off her graduation photos on social media where she looks beautiful and stunning as usual.

Yuna previously went viral when she, Shin Ryujin , and Chaeryeong posed together at the Hanlim Multi Arts School, Seoul, entrance ceremony in 2019. At that time, Yuna was just a freshman while the other two members were her seniors.

Three years later, it was Yuna’s turn to undergo and graduate in her third year. She graduated from the practical dance department through a ceremony held on February 11. Her photos were quickly revealed to the public and they reminded everyone that she is the best visual.

Through ITZY’s official Instagram account, Yuna shared her photos while sitting in class. Out of all of them, it was her graduation photo that caught the most attention due to her natural beauty. The photos were released by Hanlim’s own Instagram account.

Yuna’s symmetrical features, expressive eyes, and charisma all stand out from the photos. In addition, ITZY’s own Instagram account also released a behind-the-scenes selfie taken by Yuna on her last day. He posed in class near his desk and in front of the blackboard, holding his graduation cap and looking out the window.

Time seems to go by so fast! Congratulations on your graduation, Yuna. Meanwhile, Yuna has recently attracted attention thanks to her perfect posture, as well as her slim waist that many people are envious of.

Yuna ITZY’s Visuals Dazzle Until She Is Praised As The Most Beautiful And Actress Among The 4th Generation

ITZY’s Shin Yuna is always a hot topic because of her extraordinary talent, charisma, and stunning visuals. Recently, the youngest member of ITZY went viral once again because of his visual, which is said to be different from most idols.

On December 25th, Yuna hosted the 2021 SBS Gayo Daejun with SHINee ‘s Key and Boom where she looked like a stunning princess.

“How can a 19 year old MC for a year-end stage look more like an actress than an actual actress…” netizens commented. “She is very elegant like an actress. She is very beautiful,” another commented. “She is very young but looks very beautiful.