Yuen Wah’s- The Head of the Flat at Kungfu Hustle Now the Village Head in Shang-Chi


Yuen Wah’s performance at Kung Fu Hustle. If you have ever watched the movie Kung Fu Hustle, surely you will remember the woman with the lion’s roar who owns a slum housing.

The husband of the owner of the lion’s roar is played by an actor named Yuen Wah. After getting the spotlight after playing in Kung Fu Hustle, Yuen managed to get offers to play a number of other films. In fact, he also appeared in one of Marvel’s first Asian films.

Yuen Wah is an actor, stuntman, and choreographer for martial arts action in Hong Kong films. During his 55-year career in the big screen industry to date, he has appeared in approximately 160 films. In the film Kung Fu Hustle, Yuen plays the landlord of the Pigsty flat, as well as the husband of the owner of the lion’s roar.

His career in the feature film industry is certainly unquestionable. The first role he played for the first time, namely being a stunt-man Bruce Lee. In addition, his martial arts are even quite better when compared to Jackie Chan. No wonder he is often seen appearing in several Asian martial arts films.

Some time ago, Yuen even appeared in the Marvel movie titled Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. For fans of Mandarin films, they must be aware of Yuen’s presence in the film. Besides Yuen, other well-known actors, such as Tony Leung and Michelle Yeoh, also displayed their martial arts skills.

This 71-year-old man plays the village head known as Master Guang Bo in the film. Just like in the previous films, even though he is no longer young, Yuen still looks lively when playing his role. No wonder he is often referred to as the legend of Hong Kong cinema.

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