Youngest MotoGP Riders To Ever Win a Race


MotoGP is the most popular motorcycle racing event in the world, so it’s no wonder the greatest racers gather here. This makes the competition so intense and exciting to watch. Especially if unpredictable weather conditions make anything happen.

Not only dominated by experienced racers, it turns out that many young drivers are able to make it difficult and even win. Even though they are still undergoing their debut season in the highest class. Here are the five youngest riders to have won a MotoGP race.


Jorge Lorenzo – 20 years, 345 days
Jorge Lorenzo moved up to the MotoGP class after two consecutive wins in the 250cc class in the 2006 and 2007 seasons. Thanks to this achievement, he was signed to Yamaha and in a duet with Valentino Rossi. Even though it was only the first season, he was able to show such an impressive performance.

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In the first race at the Qatar GP he finished second, then when the race was held at the Jerez circuit he was able to be in third position. The peak was in the third series at the Portuguese GP when Por fuera was able to stand on the top podium. At the end of the season he was fourth in the final standings.

Randy Mamola – 20 years, 239 days
Randy Mamola’s victory in the top class occurred at the Belgian GP which was held at the Zolder circuit. Riding a Suzuki, the racer from the United States was able to impress by becoming a winner. In fact, he was 12 seconds ahead of second place, Marco Lucchinelli.

In that season Mamola added another win at the British GP, which made him sit in second place at the end of the season. He is only 15 points away from the world champion, Kenny Roberts.

Dani Pedrosa – 20 years, 227 days
Dani Pedrosa only needed four series to achieve his first victory in the MotoGP class, namely at the Chinese GP in the 2006 season. At that time he appeared solid and managed to finish first in front of his teammate, Nicky Hayden. At the end of the season The Little Samurai was ranked fifth.

Although he won quite a number of victories in the MotoGP event, Pedrosa never once became a world champion until retiring in the 2018 season.

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Norifume Abe – 20 years, 227 days
The third series in the 1996 season was a very memorable moment for Norifumi Abe, at that time he successfully brought his Yamaha motorcycle to finish in first position. This is even more special because he won his first victory in front of his own supporters, namely at the Japanese GP at the Suzuka circuit.

In that series, Abe seemed immovable, even Alex Criville who was ranked second was more than six seconds behind him. This victory is one of three victories he has won throughout his career in MotoGP.

Freddie Spencer – 20 years, 196 days
Two-time MotoGP world champion, Freddie Spencer, won his victory at the Belgian GP in the 1982 season. The American racer was able to bring his Honda motorbike to be the fastest. at that time he surpassed Barry Sheene who was then a two-time world champion.

One additional victory at the San Marino GP made him sit in third place at the end of the season. He continued this good performance the following season when he became world champion for the first time in the MotoGP class.