‘You Won’t Be Alone’ Trailer Reveals a Shape Changing Witch


‘You Won’t Be Alone’ will be directed by Goran Stolevski, and starring Noomi Rapace

You Won’t Be Alone’ has been widely acclaimed by critics, and is set to hit theaters next month. The latest trailer reveals the existence of a witch who can change forms.

Focus Features has released a new trailer for ‘You Won’t Be Alone’, the critically acclaimed debut of writer and director Goran Stolevski. The film, starring Noomi Rapace, follows the story of a shape-shifting witch as she tries to find meaning in her life, while pretending to be human.

This latest trailer focuses on a different woman who plays the witch Nevena. While Sara Klimoska brings to life her true wizarding form, Rapace and Alice Englert play the same character as she uses the corpses of the dead to transform herself.

Between sometimes gruesome and sometimes deeply erotic images, the new trailer highlights the exciting reviews ‘You Won’t Be Alone’ has received after its premiere at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival.

Spread, this latest trailer doesn’t reveal much about the plot of ‘You Won’t Be Alone’, but the folk nature of the story is displayed in every frame, making it similar to ‘The Witch’ by Robert Eggers.

In the same way, the trailer for ‘You Won’t Be Alone’ promises that the film explores female identity and sexual desire, linking the legend of witches with the struggle to find out who she is in a world that condemns the witch’s existence. It’s an interesting premise, and it seems that ‘You Won’t Be Alone’ uses the best aspects of its theme to discuss what makes humans strong.

The official synopsis of the film is about a young girl who is kidnapped and then turned into a witch by an ancient spirit located in a remote mountain village in Macedonia in the 19th century. The curse he experienced made him curious about life as a human.

One day, the young witch accidentally killed a farmer in a nearby village and then took the form of his victim to live his life as the figure. The longer his curiosity grew, the more he continued to use his terrible powers to understand what it meant to be human.

The film also features Anamaria Marinca as a strange mother figure for Nevena, along with Carloto Cotta and Félix Maritaud. Although this is Stolevski’s first film, the director has previously directed several successful short films.

One of his successful short films is ‘Will You Look at Her’ which won Sundance’s Short Filmmaking Award 2017. ‘You Won’t Be Alone’ was produced by Kristina Ceyton and Sam Jennings, ‘You Won’t Be Alone’ will hit theaters on April 1 next.