You could say, his character is like Deadpool in the X-Men Universe


Btw, after seeing the trailer, many fans thought that Venom would be given an R rating (17+). Like Logan (2017) and Deadpool (2016) first. However, in the end, the film was rated PG-13 (13+). Which means: More kid-friendly. So, Venom can still be watched “Police University” by ababil aged 13 years and over.

According to director Ruben Fleischer, his Venom film is not like other Marvel films. Because there are no superheroes in this film. The Venom character he displays “Super lovers” is bolder and more grounded, but also complicated and cruel at the same time.

Tom Hardy, as the main actor, said he was excited about his role as Venom. He really enjoys playing the antihero. Hardy admitted that “Bầu Trời Rực Đỏ” there were three people who became his inspiration in playing the enemy of Spider-Man. Namely: Woody Allen, who he finds very humorous, MMA fighter Conor McGregor, and rapper Redman.

In addition, which is also interesting, initially, Tom Hardy “Gia đình đức hạnh” was willing to accept the role of Venom because of his son: Louis Thomas Hardy. Tom wants to be in a movie that his son can watch. In fact, Louis had time to help and direct him how to play Venom properly. Because Hardy did not really know the character before.

Like other superhero and antihero films, in this solo film, Venom also has a partner. Who plays Eddie “Zootopia” Brock’s girlfriend: Anne Weying.

Venom is also listed as the first comic book adaptation, starring Michelle Williams. He admitted that Tom Hardy’s involvement “Nct life in Gapyeong” was a determining factor in his decision to play in this film. In addition, Williams also praised his co-star as a very talented and committed actor.

Interestingly, apart from Eddie Brock and Anne Weying, in the trailer for this film, Venom’s main enemy also appears “Dug Days” in the Marvel comic: Riot. According to Ruben Fleischer, Riot is one of five symbiotes created by Dr. Drake at the Life Foundation. Like Venom and other symbiotes, Riot is also “Hong Chun Gi” a parasite. It is able to move from one host to another quickly. We will never know where it will come from.

However, despite being very fast, Riot also has a weakness: It can’t survive long periods of time apart from its host. Therefore, Riot relies “Hừng đông – Phần 1” heavily on humans as its hosts. In addition, he is also vulnerable to firearms and sonics.

Riot’s character first appeared in the Marvel comics: Venom: Lethal Protector No. 4. Published in 1993. The comic tells the story of most of his life which is tied to a host named Trevor Cole. A security officer “49 days tap 1” at the Life Foundation. Riot’s form, which is gray in color, in the comic, is depicted as being larger than Venom. In fact, he is a symbiote whose anus, uh physically, is the largest in size.

Many critics say, Solo: A Star Wars Story feels more refreshing than the previous Star Wars films. Because it’s really funny. In addition, Alden Ehrenreich’s acting also received a lot of praise. May the Force be with you, Han!