You can’t go without food for a day! BLACKPINK Rosé revealed that you must eat enough “meal” before going to work, otherwise you won’t be able to finish work


As the spokesperson of the boutique brand Saint Laurent, BLACKPINK member Rosé is currently participating in the fashion week in Paris, stunning everyone with a small black dress, and also sits in the front row of the Saint Laurent show with supermodels Kate Moss and Hailey Bieber, dressed in All Black. Not inferior at all!

At the brand’s dinner party, Rosé changed into a long silver dress, and the elegant gesture made the fans who witnessed it excited. With a sexy collarbone and a slender figure, she has soft and light hair tied into a ponytail, which looks like an extraordinary elf.

During a recent interview with BLACKPINK members on the “SIRIUSZXM” radio program, Rosé generously shared his pre-show ritual, that is, you must eat enough! It’s best served with a large, satisfying rice that fills the entire stomach. She also revealed that she once tried not to eat, but she couldn’t last for less than two hours. This was the most uncomfortable thing for her. The state of not eating pushed her to the limit, so she must be full before going to work. Full of energy. When he said this, the members next to him nodded frequently XD

When she attended the fashion feast Met Gala before, Rosé was interviewed by a magazine and made a documentary. One of them was that she was about to eat the food before she was getting dressed. As a result, she found that it was soup. Rosé immediately turned around and asked if there was No meal? It seems to be sincere to the meal!