Yoshimar Yotún received insults from fans in the middle of an interview after Sporting Cristal drew against UTC


The player was once again verbally assaulted by a bad fan, this time at the Lima airport. (Video: Best Cable).

Yoshimar Yotun was once again the protagonist of a new verbal attack by a bad fan of Sporting Cristal. This time it happened in the middle of an interview in the Jorge Chavez airportone day after the bitter draw against UTC in Cajamarca, valid for matchday 15 of the 2023 Liga 1 Apertura Tournament.

As can be seen in images shared by Best Cable Sports, ‘Yoshi‘ He had to stop a note with the media in the face of insults from a subject. “Desahuév…, you are played in Cristal”, he yelled at the captain of the team led by Tiago Nunes. The player, of course, reacted immediately.

“And what’s up! And what’s up!”, Yoshimar Yotún replied, as he approached the fan in the parking lot of the air port. “Don’t pay attention to him…”, commented some people who were looking for a photo with the national team. But the situation did not stop.

“Evuelve…sweat the shirt!”, the fan returned. But this time Yoshimar Yotún ignored him and left the place to join his Sporting Cristal teammates, who were waiting for him on the bus. Undoubtedly, a hot situation that was repeated in the institution.