Yofukashi no Uta Review Episode 10 – The End, RMahiru asks Kou about his wish to become a vampire

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Kikyo almost attacks Kou, but is stopped by Nazuna. And there was a fight between them. Even though Kikyou condemns the friendship between humans and vampires, Kou still goes to see Kikyou.

Then Kou tries to find out the problem that is being faced by Kikyou. He also tries to give advice to Kikyou even though his suggestion is ignored.

At that time, there was a man who knew Kikyou. Kou also told the man to leave because Kikyou wanted to.

Kou tries to find out the man’s relationship with Kikyou. While they were talking, Kikyou reappeared and wanted Kou and the boy. Luckily, Nazuna managed to stop Kikyou again.

After talking, Kou concluded that the boy named Akihito was friends with Kikyou. And eventually Akihito even liked Kikyou.

Hearing this, Kikyou wanted to end his friendship with Akihito. However, she suddenly burst into tears and exclaimed that all this time she had been very happy with Akihito and wanted to continue being friends.

The next night, Kou and Nazuna met Midori who was on duty at the maid cafe. Coincidentally, Midori really needs more people and offers Nazuna to work part time there. Nazuna also agreed to Midori’s offer to become a waitress at the cafe.

Kou was then offered to visit a maid cafe to show how the maids work there to Nazuna. Then one of the waiters approached Kou and said that he used to be the number one in the cafe.

Not long after, Midori asks Kou for help to investigate the case of a peeper that happened to Akira, the maid who had approached Kou.

Kou met a woman who looked very exhausted. He tried to approach the woman in order to help Nazuna who was opening a new business to make money. How shocked Kou was when he found out that this woman was a detective who was looking for a vampire.

The woman is investigating a man named Akiyama Akihito whom Kou actually met before. The woman, who later became known as Anko, warned Kou to be even more careful at night.

The following night, Kou runs into his old friends Akari and Mahiru. The three of them visited their elementary school while telling the story of a teacher who disappeared mysteriously. To their surprise, they found the teacher who had been rumored to have disappeared for a long time.

But, now the figure of the teacher is very scary because he is trying to stop himself from drinking human blood. Yes, now the teacher has become a scary vampire figure. Kou was confused, because so far the vampires he met weren’t as scary as that figure.

When the three of them were almost overwhelmed, Anko appeared and burned the vampire to ashes. Once again, Anko said to be careful of a vampire they don’t know the truth of.

As a result of the previous incident, Kou reconsidered becoming a vampire. In fact, Kou seemed to be avoiding Nazuna because his heart was wavering.

Mahiru asks Kou about his wish to become a vampire. He advised Kou to reconsider his wish, especially since they had seen something unusual before.

Nazuna pays a visit to Kou’s residence. He tells Kou that he has long been a vampire and apologizes for lying to Kou. Nazuna said, if the interesting thing she said to Kou, it’s not as interesting as it seems.

Increasingly confused, Kou returns to Anko for advice. Anko then opposed Kou’s wish to become a vampire, because Anko believed that vampires were a threat to humans.

Then, Anko said she would protect Kou from the vampires and would all of them. However, Kou insists that not all vampires are evil.

Hearing Kou’s statement, Anko immediately called the police and reported Kou for wandering around at night. Kou runs away from the police and hides in an amusement park. There, Kou is found by Suzuhiro Hatsuka who invites him to his residence.

Elsewhere, Nazuna tells the other vampire herds, that she will not make Kou a vampire. Suddenly this statement made Nico furious. Quarrels can not be avoided.

Shortly after arriving at Hatsuka’s house, Kou was surprised to see Hatsuka’s appearance, who was actually a male vampire. Even though he had always thought that Hatsuka was a female vampire.

However, behind all that, Hatsuka’s candor and honesty made Kou realize his true desires all along.

This anime is centered on the story of the main character who runs away from his life to find a new purpose in life. The main character then finds a new life that is quite fun at night.

Tells a love story of different races, namely vampires and humans that are interesting and far from being scary. This anime, which lasts 23 minutes in each episode, presents a romantic story that so far doesn’t give a cringe impression.

Even though the story plot is easy to digest, the plot runs quite slowly so it’s quite boring if there’s no new story breakthrough.

The first thing that amazed me about this anime is its visuals. As the title suggests, this anime displays mostly visuals at night which look very beautiful and different from most similar anime.

The atmosphere at night also gives the impression of calm, beautiful and special. Sometimes the nuances of the night are described with the predominance of black and purple. Then, it is sometimes depicted with yellow shades from the dim urban lights.

The depiction of the background is described in sufficient detail and looks smooth. Unfortunately, this anime looks empty. Maybe because you want to accentuate the impression of a calm and quiet night, so the background looks ’empty’ and less lively.

Just like the previous few episodes, the night view visuals always look good. As for the storyline, slowly Kou begins to want to know more about Nazuna, because there are many things he still doesn’t know.

Looks like this time Kou started to develop feelings for Nazuna. Even though Kou is still confused by the new feeling he feels. And as usual, Nazuna always teases Kou’s weak side.

Oh yeah, episode five also covered quite a lot of other sides of Nazuna. Even though he is a vampire, it turns out that he likes to clean the house. In addition, he also previously had a job, you know. This vampire is indeed unique, although the plot is a bit slow, the story is quite intriguing.

Finally, other characters appear apart from episodes six to eight. There are five new vampire characters that appear. They are Nico Hirata, Midori Kohakobe, Hatsuka Suzushiro, Kabura Honda and Kikyou Seri.

Apart from the vampire characters, there are also new human characters that appear, namely Shirakawa Kiyosumi who is an office lady and Seki Mahiru, Kou and Akira’s childhood friend.

The emergence of these new characters makes the storyline a little more interesting. Especially when there are some funny scenes and expressions from them. So, the storyline is not too boring.

Kou, Akira and Mahiru have been friends since childhood. Even though they haven’t seen each other for a long time, the three of them still act the same. You could say their friendship is fun, because so far after meeting again the three of them can still act like in the past.

Indirectly, the three of them admired each other. Kou admires Mahiru who gets along well with people and is good at school. Mahirou admires Kou for having an attractive aura. Meanwhile, Akira admires Kou and Mahiru who are both smart at school even though they rarely study. In episode seven, there is a fight scene that is quite surprising. A fight between vampires on the prowl. Even though it wasn’t too long, the battle was arguably quite sadistic.

Nazuna’s instincts were really strong here. He could feel that Kou was being targeted by another vampire. So he felt angry and immediately launched an attack on Kikyo who was about to suck Kou’s blood.

This battle scene is enough to provide fresh air when the story gets boring. Even though it looks like there won’t be any more fight scenes in the future, at least the scene in this episode gives a new feel.

In episodes nine and ten, although they have different stories, they are thick with the development of several characters. Especially the character Kou and several other characters that appear in each episode.

Like the character Kikyou who at first seems to dislike the relationship between humans and vampires, but in fact is happy with the relationship. So after talking with Kou as well as with his human friend, Kikyou began to accept the friendship.

And the most noticeable change in character, of course, is our main character, Kou. Even though in this anime it is told that he is still a junior high school student, after experiencing several events, Kou starts to look a little more mature. In fact, he can help solve Kikyou and Midori’s problems.

Meanwhile for Nazuna, in this episode she looks more alert than before. Especially if someone wants to attack Kou. However, for the relationship between Kou and himself, there is still no significant development. Their friendship relationship still looks normal.

In the last three episodes, there are several surprising scenes. So far, Yofukashi no Uta has never told mystical stories. But in episode 11, there is a bit of a mystical story that makes the story a little more interesting.

What’s more, there is a vampire figure that a vampire hunter, Anko, turns out to be capable of. In addition, the figure of Hatsuka who turns out to be a man but looks beautiful like a woman also makes the story more unique.

But, behind all the shocking scenes, now the story is increasingly focused on Kou who is the main character. And at the end of the story, it can be seen that Kou’s character is growing, especially because in the end he is sure of his goals.

Oh yes, in this episode there was also a little flick about ‘gender differences’ which made Kou confused. It was also revealed the reasons for the differences between vampires and humans that Kou had not known so far. This anime tells the story of a human or a vampire who doesn’t fully understand himself.

Even though this anime ends with a happy ending, until the end of the episode, Kou is still not a vampire. It’s just that, Kou and Nazuna’s relationship is now getting closer and they choose to support each other.