Yerin Brings ‘New Voice’ Through ARIA Debut


Yerin revealed the preparations she made before finally making her solo debut with ARIA. Compared to when he was still a career as a group, he admitted that he did more recordings.
ARIA is a solo debut song that Yerin officially released in May 2022. She admitted that she did more recordings because she wanted to give perfection in her solo debut.

“I think I did more recording than usual. I recorded longer because I wanted to be better. And in my opinion, the results were also much better,” said Yerin.

“Through my solo debut, I want fans to be able to hear my ‘new voice’. I challenge myself to sing a different genre. That’s why I want to show various images through this debut,” he continued.

Although now alone, Yerin promises to continue to show her best to fans. In his message, he hopes that fans will continue to look forward to his next works.

“I didn’t feel a big change. Before or now I am a person who is always honest and on target. In the future, I will show the real me,” said Yerin .

“I’m very happy to finally be able to meet again with fans and bring a better appearance. I will always try to show a better side of myself. Don’t go anywhere, okay! Stay there and wait for me,” he concluded.