Yeji ITZY’s Stage Costumes And Winter Aespa Turns Out To Be ‘Connected’, How Come?


Netizens Thought That The Shape Of The Heart On Winter’s Costume Reminded Them Of Something Else. And Apparently, Fans Attributed The Outfit To Other Clothes Worn By Yeji.

aespa is currently busy with promotional activities to perform at music events. Recently, Winter’s stage costume while promoting their latest title track, “Savage” has been gaining attention from netizens for being linked to ITZY’s Yeji stage costume .

Netizens thought that the shape of the heart on Winter’s costume reminded them of something else. And apparently, fans associated the outfit with other clothes worn by Yeji which also left an impression on fans.

Previously in one of ITZY’s stage performances, Yeji wore a pink suit and shorts with a heart-shaped hole in the chest. The “LOCO” singer was wearing white under the pink coat she was wearing.

Meanwhile, Winter wears a sleeveless black top with a heart shape on the chest which is roughly the same size as the heart-shaped hole in Yeji’s outfit.

In response to this, many netizens also left comments about how they responded to the outfit. The netizens shared the same thoughts and jokes.

I also thought of Yeji as soon as I saw Winter’s outfit, said the negtizen. This is also what I thought when I saw yesterday’s performance, another commented. I like things like this, said netizens. It’s really the same haha, added another.

Meanwhile, Winter recently topped the brand reputation rankings of individual girl group members for the month of October. aespa also achieved an achievement by bringing home the winning trophy in three music shows broadcast on public TV stations.

Netizens Debate Whether Winter Aespa Is Similar To Girls’ Generation’s Tae Yeon

Since The Beginning Of His Debut, Many People Think That Winter Is Like Tae Yeon. And The Moment When The Singer Of ‘Black Mamba’ Appeared On ‘Amazing Saturday’ Was An Opportunity To See If They Really Looked Alike.

Along with their comeback, aespa appeared on the show ” Amazing Saturday ” where Karina and Winter appeared on behalf of their colleagues. Through their appearance, a debate arose whether Winter was similar to Girls’ Generation’s Tae Yeon .

Since the beginning of AESPA’s debut in November last year, many people think that Winter is similar to Tae Yeon. And the moment when the singer of “Black Mamba” appeared on “Amazing Saturday” was an opportunity to see if they really looked alike.

A post on the Pann website highlighted the similarities between Winter and Tae Yeon. The post is titled Winter and Tae Yeon don’t look alike when they stand next to each other and includes a gif of the two doing the same dance moves.

The netizen who published the post wrote, Am I the only one who thinks that? Kekekeke, I used to think they were similar. But when they stand next to each other, they don’t look alike. This post also reaped comments from other netizens.

Seriously, I never thought they were alike, commented netizens. They don’t look alike at first, both are beautiful, but why do you guys keep comparing? another netizen said.

Even aespa fans have never said they are similar, but the comments are crazy, kekeke, said netizens. Aespa fans say they are similar, another commented. Both are beautiful in different ways, added another netizen.

Meanwhile, aespa will make a comeback with the mini album “Savage” which was released today, October 5 and will be the first mini album released by aespa since their debut last November 2020. This mini album contains 6 tracks, namely “Aenergy”, “Savage”, “I’ll Make You Cry”, “Yeppi Yeppi”, “Iconic”, and “Lucid Dream”.