Yeji ITZY Surprises Fans With A Short Haircut, Beautiful Manglingi

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In The Newly Shared Photos, Yeji Is Smiling With Shoulder-Length Short Hair. This Is The First Time Yeji Has Appeared With Short Hair Since ITZY’s Debut In Early 2019.

Yeji ITZY showed off her new look with a different hairstyle. The beautiful idol made by JYP Entertainment cut her long hair short, surprising fans.

On January 19, 2022, Yeji posted several photos on ITZY’s official Instagram account. A series of beautiful portraits are captioned, “Long time no see.”

In the photos, Yeji is smiling with shoulder-length short hair. This is the first time Yeji has appeared with short hair since ITZY’s debut in early 2019.

With short hair, thin skin, a long neck, and Yeji’s white skin really stands out. In addition, the 2000-born idol showed his innocent charm with a face that looked without makeup.

Yeji, who usually shows off her cute charm through Pucca’s hairstyle, creates a more mature atmosphere after her hair is cut. Fans praised Yeji, who turns 23 this year, for her successful image transformation.

Meanwhile, Yeji and ITZY are scheduled to hold the first official fan meeting after their debut on February 19, 2022. The fan meeting titled “Beyond LIVE – ITZY The 1st Fan Meeting” is held online and offline simultaneously.

In other news, Yeji was absent from activities and was unable to attend the Asia Artist Awards (AAA) award ceremony which was held in early December 2021. This was because Yeji had an injury that required her not to appear at the award night.

Right on the day of the 2021 AAA, JYP Entertainment released a notification via ITZY’s official SNS account to inform fans about Yeji’s condition. But the idol seems to have recovered and is ready to greet fans directly.

Yeji ITZY Almost Made A ‘Fire’ During Live Broadcast

The First Step Yeji Took Was To Melt The Chocolate.

ITZY ‘s Yeji recently held a live broadcast where the beautiful idol tried to make peppero, but things didn’t go according to plan.

The first step Yeji took was to melt the chocolate so she could dip the breadsticks in it.

Immediately, Yeji realized there was a fire coming from the microwave. Since the 2000-born idol was off-screen, fans could only hear him panicking. Fortunately, no real damage was done.

When she called Shin Yuna to ask about her mistake, fans couldn’t help but make fun of her adorable mistake.

“Do not laugh!” Yeji exclaimed while laughing at herself.

Yuna suggests a quick fix to help the chocolate melt by adding milk. However, Yeji was even less prepared for that. “I only have strawberry milk!” he exclaimed.

Yeji experienced several kinds of emotions during this broadcast, from disappointment to laughter. She may not be getting the delicious treats she was hoping for, but fans are glad she’s doing well.

During A Recent Live Broadcast, Yeji Tried To Put Her Emotions Aside. However, MIDZY Supports And Encourages Their Favorite Idol To Share Their Feelings.

During a recent live broadcast, Yeji ITZY became emotional and desperately held back tears. It helped him gain a lot of power recently.

“But you know, I really gained a lot of power. MIDZY, thank you very much,” Yeji said while desperately holding back tears.

Yeji even tried to put her emotions aside. However, MIDZY supported and encouraged his beloved idol to share his feelings, making him cry.

Yeji clarified that the reason she was crying was because of joy, not because she was having a hard time. Even in his vulnerable moments, he always reassures fans and makes sure they don’t worry about him. His vulnerable moments show how special the fans are to him.

Meanwhile, ITZY recently made a comeback by releasing their first full album titled “CRAZY IN LOVE” on September 23 which includes the title track titled “LOCO.”

The five-member girl group also achieved achievements through their comeback this time. First released on September 24 at 13:00 KST, ITZY’s new album “CRAZY IN LOVE” is showing impressive results in just a few days.

At the time of its release, ITZY’s music video “LOCO” quickly rose as the “2nd trending video” on YouTube in South Korea, and the “3rd trending video” worldwide. In addition, ITZY’s new album “CRAZY IN LOVE” along with the title song “LOCO” is gaining immense popularity on Spotify.