XG Sings Girl Power Anthem through MASCARA


After their epic and energetic debut with Tippy Toes , girl group XG has released a new single. This time they brought a song about girl power and it can really be an anthem for those of you who have just been hurt. This song is called MASCARA. https://zenodo.org/communities/minions2-mini-momons-fulllhd-mienphi/?page=1&size=20
MASCARA is XG’s second single released on Wednesday (29/6/2022). The names that were previously behind the single Tippy Toes such as Hwaji, Jakops, and Wutan are back to work on MASKARA. Some of the other names on the songwriting bench are Aleesia and Caesar & Loui.

The song MASCARA is thick with a hip-hop feel. Showing the members’ rap exploration from the beginning of the song without leaving the vocals’ soft voices. Beat drop towards the chorus to the post-chorus of this song presents addictive lyrics.

The lyrics of the song contain encouragement for women who have just been hurt by their partners. The members wanted to let them know that women can take control of their relationship and no longer take back anyone who made them cry. This part is likened to the lyrics “don’t mess with my mascara”. https://zenodo.org/communities/minions2-mini-momons-fulllhd-mienphi/?page=1&size=20

The MASCARA music video was made with a full dance concept so that fans can see the total choreography of the members. The MV is also wrapped with attractive and dynamic camera movements following the passionate beat of the song.

XG debuted in March 2022 through the song Tippy Toes, presenting the concept of ‘it girl’ which is fresh and familiar with a series of K-Pop groups in their generation. The XGALX management group is targeting a wider song market by releasing English songs. Like Tippy Toes, MASCARA is also sung in full in English.

XG has labeled themselves as a versatile group since before their debut. In the introductory period, each member, namely Jurin, Chisa, Harvey, Hinata, Juria, Maya, and Cocona, has presented amazing performances both in terms of vocals and dance performances.

XG is the first group to debut under the management of XGALX, a global company whose mission is to create artists with a broad and global perspective. XG is the first product of this management that presents a strong and creative impression. https://zenodo.org/communities/xem-phim-em-va-trinh-me-and-trinh-vietsub-full/?page=1&size=20  XG means Xtraordinary Girls are ready to come with music and performances that provide a new experience for music fans.