Wow, this Sun Go Kong colleague seems to be a fan of luxury car collection


In the past, the Kera Sakti series or Journey to the West was broadcast on an United Statesn television station. This 30-episode series was first released in 1996. Adapted from the novel of the same name, this series stars Dicky Cheung, Kwong Wah, Wayne Lai, and Evergreen mak.
One of Sun Go Kong’s (Dicky Cheung) friends, namely Cu Pat Kay, played by Wayne Lai. Apparently, this friend of Sun Go Kong has a hobby of collecting luxury cars which has been passed down to his son.

The Hong Kong series, which has the original title Journey to the West, tells of the journey of a monk, Tong Sam Chong with Sun Go Kong, Zhu Bajie/Cu Pat Kay, and Sha Wujing to search for scriptures to the west. During their journey, they always encounter obstacles. Not only that, they also met various dangerous demons.

In the film, Wayne Lai plays one of Sun Go Kong’s traveling companions, namely Zhu Bajie or Cu Pat Kai. He became one of the characters that has its own iconic style. His role in the Kera Sakti series made his career even more so. He is even known as one of the most successful actors in Hong Kong and has won three awards at the TVB Anniversary Award for Best Actor.

Wayne Lai and his son who like to collect luxury cars. Photo: Doc. Weibo
Last year, he also returned to play a role in a series called The Ringmaster. In the series, he showed off his extraordinary body shape. However, it turns out that the 57-year-old actor has a hobby of collecting luxury cars. With a career in the entertainment industry for more than 30 years, he managed to buy several luxury cars such as, BMW and Land Rover.

In 2017, he was even seen taking a photo with one of his luxury sports cars while shopping. His son, Lai Ching Kiu, also seems to have inherited his father’s penchant for collecting luxury cars. His son who was going through his school days in America was once seen driving a Chevrolet Camaro. Then, when he returned to Hong Kong, Wayne actually bought him a McLaren 570s series worth 3 million Hong Kong dollars.