Wow! ‘Dune’ Wins Grand Prize at VES Awards 2022


Besides ‘Dune’, the animated film ‘Encanto’ and the superhero film ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ also received other awards.

At the Visual Effects Society (VES) award event, ‘Dune’ managed to bring home four victories and received the main prize for Outstanding Visual Effects in a Photoreal Feature.

Hi Cilers! Since its release, ‘Dune’ has become a much-talked-about film because it features a storyline to extraordinary visuals and amazes the audience.

At the Visual Effects Society (VES) award ceremony yesterday, it just held its 25th annual award. In the event, Denis Villeneuve’s film ‘Dune’ managed to bring four victories and the main prize, namely, Outstanding Visual Effects in a Photoreal Feature.

Other wins came from the Sci-fi epic category including Model, Effects Simulations, and Composition & Lighting.

Besides ‘Dune’, the animated film ‘Encanto’ also managed to bring victory and received the highest award for the category of Best Visual Effects in animation features, Animated Character, Created Environments, and Visual Cinematography.

‘Dune’ and ‘Encanto’ both came to the awards show with six nominations each and taking home four wins. The audience is no longer surprised if the two films dominate the annual VES awards this year.

As we know, the production process for ‘Dune’ was built by Villeneuve and his team with great difficulty, because they had to bring the planet Arrakis from Frank Herbert’s novel to life with stunning visuals.

As for ‘Encanto’, the visuals and the storytelling in it appear with a thick feel, both in terms of musical and characterization created.

In an interview, Lisa Cooke, as chairman of VES said her words regarding the annual event being held successfully.

It shows the spirit of adaptation and ingenuity shown by filmmakers around the world,” said Lisa Cooke.


VES celebrated its 25th birthday last night as well as the 20th anniversary of its awards show. So it’s great to see so many of these events get the spotlight.

Visual effects are an aspect of film that is usually unfairly ignored by fans, and that extraordinary achievement will be lost if filmmakers don’t make the most of it and to appreciate it is the goal of the VES awards.