World Superbike Racers Crowd Praise Mandalika Circuit: Wet Track Racing Here Feels Amazing!


The Mandalika Circuit , Lombok has successfully held the final World Superbike 2021 series, last weekend.

Of course nothing is perfect, but the Mandalika Circuit has left a good impression in the eyes of the drivers.

Like the comments of several drivers who praised the traction at the Mandalika Circuit which was considered very good in rainy conditions.

The racer made his debut on the Mandalika Circuit in rainy conditions. Precisely at Race 2 World Superbike last Sunday.

Even six-time World Superbike world champion, Jonathan Rea also gave praise. “To be honest this is one of the most gripping circuits on the wet track,” said Rea.

“The circuit has the most grip in the world. I saw this picture four weeks ago and it (the circuit) was not ready. But now they have managed to host a world-class event,” he continued.

Praise from Other Racers
Not only Jonathan Rea, Michael Van Der Mark, who was a Yamaha factory racer in World Superbike, said that the Mandalika Circuit was extraordinary during the wet race.

“Some places have puddles, but the grip is phenomenal. Yes, it shows that the track can handle a lot of water,” he said.

Tom Sykes, the 2013 World Superbike champion also stated that it was very fun for him to race at the Mandalika Circuit in wet track conditions.

“There is a lot of traction on offer. I can say every rider was surprised by the level of grip here,” Sykes said.

When World Superbike Champion 2021, Toprak Razgatlioglu Wants To Try Eating Ketoprak

The Mandalika Circuit , Lombok became a witness when a racer from Turkey, Toprak Razgatlioglu, confirmed the title of World Superbike 2021 world champion, last weekend.

Successfully finishing second in Race 1 on Sunday (11/21/2021), made Toprak Razgatlioglu beat Jonathan Rea to fight for the 2021 World Superbike title.

Since before the race at the Mandalika Circuit , the name Toprak Razgatlioglu has become a hot topic of conversation for the Indonesian public. One of the reasons is because the name of the racer is similar to the name of a typical Indonesian culinary, Ketoprak.

In fact, there are many memes that associate Toprak Razgatlioglu with ketoprak. But who would have thought, the racer was also aware of many Indonesian public who associate his name with Ketoprak.

Want to Try Ketoprak
Even at the press conference session after the race at the Mandalika Circuit , Toprak Razgatlioglu openly said he wanted to try Ketoprak culinary firsthand.

“Yes, Ketoprak, I know. Many have written about it (on social media), I haven’t tried it yet. Maybe tomorrow I will try it,” replied Toprak Razgatlioglu with an enthusiastic face.

So does Toprak Razgatlioglu prefer to eat Ketoprak complete with eggs or not? Hopefully when he eats it later, he uploads it on social media so that the Indonesian public knows about it.