With Maverick Vinales, Aprilia targets to be able to compete to become world champion in MotoGP 2023


Now everyone is wary of the Aprilia factory team in the MotoGP event. The reason is due to two factors.

First, through the contribution of Aleix Espargaro, Aprilia recorded the first podium in the highest class of the Motorcycle Racing World Championship after finishing third in the British MotoGP race.

Second, Aprilia has just recruited former Yamaha racer, Maverick Vinales. He even debuted at the Aragon MotoGP race, September 10-12, and continued to the 2022 MotoGP.

Because of these two factors, Aprilia race director Massimo Rivola believes that Aleix Espargaro and Maverick Vinales will soon become champion candidates.\

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However, according to the man who has worked in Formula 1 for a long time, it is too soon to think that the duo Aleix Espargaro and Maverick Vinales will immediately compete to become world champions in MotoGP 2022.

He said it was more realistic to only happen in the 2023 season. Let’s scroll down to read Rivola’s comments.

Getting used to Competing in the Front Line
Rivola believes that in MotoGP 2022, Aleix Espargaro and Maverick Vinales will get used to first competing for victory in every race.

If successful, the Aprilia team will only think about the 2023 world title. “It’s a bit too early to talk about next year’s world title,” said Rivola.

But winning the title in 2023, why not,” he continued.

Impressive Vinales
Rivola also revealed that the Aprilia team was very impressed with the debut of Maverick Vinales in the test session at the Misano Circuit, a few days ago.

Because of this aspect, the Aprilia team dared to immediately field Vinales for the Aragon MotoGP race.

“His learning curve is impressive, which is why he’s been able to start for us in Aragon,” Rivola insisted.

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Rp135 billion contracts floated at Yamaha and couldn’t get half of it when he joined Aprilia, Maverick Vinales: Money is not everything!

Interviewed by leading Italian media, La Gazzetta Dello Sport, Maverick Vinales opened up about the fact that he is no longer one of the most expensive drivers in MotoGP.

Yes, by parting with Yamaha, Maverick Vinales is said to have lost a contract value of 8 million euros per season, or around Rp. 135 billion.

Instead, Maverick Vinales will ride the Aprilia team’s motorbike starting the Aragon MotoGP at the Motorland Aragon circuit, Spain, next week.

Although the nominal is not yet known, it is stated that the contract value of the Spaniard with Aprilia is less than half of what he can at Yamaha in a matter of per season.

Do you regret that the figure of Maverick Vinales has to lose a big-value contract at Yamaha?

Aragon MotoGP Goals
The debut of riding an Aprilia RS-GP motorcycle at the official race in Aragon, which is only a few days away, Maverick Vinales admitted that he did not set high targets.

He claimed to focus on working with teammate Aleix Espargaro to learn the data and some secrets of the Aprilia RS-GP.

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