Willie Peyote’s ‘Pornostalgia’: “I’m looking for depth, and I don’t give up”


Willie Peyote tells us about ‘Pornostalgia’, the new album resulting from the years we leave behind, of disenchantment but also of openness.

Willie Peyote is back with Pornostalgia , the new album available from Friday 6 May. “In these years, in which everything has stopped, we have found ourselves looking back, old films and books, with nostalgia. – says the artist about the title – It is a moment in which it seems to me that the concept of nostalgia is very present. Perhaps, having less certainty about the future, we seek reassurance from the past ». The album – which arrives three years after Iodegradable and just one year after participation in Sanremo – is in fact a reflection on these dark times. According to Willie Peyote, however, there is also a bit of light this time around.


“Compared to other records it seems to me there is more momentum. More openness to the possibility that all is not necessarily lost. – Willie Peyote tells us – There is a tiredness that comes from these two difficult years and from the constant polarization mechanism that surrounds us, on all issues. It tires me to seek depth, in the long run it becomes difficult. But I think and do not give up on the idea that we can still find a way, even today, to make deeper reasoning ».

The rapper’s famous and shareable disenchantment invites him, in the end, to go to the bottom. An operation that requires friends, and so – in the 13 tracks – featuring born more from esteem than from marketing stand out. From Samuel to Jake La Furia e Speranza, from Aimone Romizi of FASK to producer Godblesscomputers. And finally, there are also the participations of Emanuela Fanelli and Michela Giraud to continue to show support for the stand-up comedy.

«They are all artists that I like very much and with whom I wanted to collaborate. – says Willie Peyote – Some are also friends and having them on the record made it all more true. It helped me to tell, going in depth. Then there is the link with stand-up and satire, which I try to carry on. These are areas that I constantly study ».

Willie Peyote

Sanremo and the music scene

In All You Can Hit , Willie Peyote clearly speaks of his participation in Sanremo . «It’s a rap track where I talk about my relationship with the music market. – the rapper describes it – I see it as an all you can eat sushi, where the important thing is that there is a lot of stuff to eat at a low price. Therefore, beyond the true value of what you consume. For me, music is more like a tavern, the taste of tradition, something more real than an all you can eat . In the passage there is a reference to Sanremo to the experience of Mai Dire Mai ».

«I would not like the message to pass that I reject participation. – He then tells us about it – The experience was formative, I have grown a lot and I am happy to have been there. It went better than I expected, but I think once is enough. I would go back I would do it again, but if I went back a second time I would lose the surprise effect. Why risk it ? ».

The song is linked to the next one on the tracklist, Prima , born live in the rehearsal room on the importance of numbers and people’s opinion. A theme that often returns, in reality, throughout Willie Peyote’s discography, who certainly does not disdain some honest reflection on the subject.

The live

And then the return to live. Peyote and All Done are in fact ready to present the new pieces live during the tour (organized by Magellano Concerti) which will start next June 18th.

«I’m happy with the capacity, let’s go back to doing our job in conditions we were not used to. – Willie Peyote tells us – It was the part of my work that I preferred and now I’m starting again, I hope I haven’t lost my training ».