Will Smith Almost Got Expelled from the 2022 Oscars After Slapping Chris Rock


Oscar 2022 was shocked by the incident of Will Smith slapping Chris Rock on stage. Smith was desperate to do this because Rock made a joke about his wife appearing bald. In fact, his wife Smith appeared with a bald head because he suffered from alopecia or baldness caused by an autoimmune disorder.

When receiving the “Best Actor” award, Smith apologized to the Academy Awards and the invited guests in tears. But at the time, his apologies were not addressed to Rock. Just a day after the incident, Smith finally made an apology to Rock via his Instagram account.

Now, more and more facts are being revealed about the incident when Smith slapped Rock. Reported by CNN, a source said that Academy Awards officials had considered ejecting Smith from the Oscars after he slapped Rock. So, why did Smith end up staying on the show until he was awarded the “Best Actor” award?

“Academy Awards officials are seriously considering ejecting Will Smith from last night’s Oscars following the incident. There was a sudden discussion, but the Academy Awards decision makers sat separately during the event and they couldn’t mobilize to make a decision before Smith won best actor,” said the source.

With Smith’s incident, will the “Best Actor” Oscar 2022 be stripped of Smith? Reported by The Hollywood Reporter, the Academy Awards will not take back the award that has been received by Smith. The Academy Awards are considering sanctioning Smith, most likely the suspension of the actor’s Academy membership.