Will Debut Solo, 11 Advantages of Multitalented TWICE Nayeon


Nayeon is the first member of TWICE to make a solo debut by releasing his first mini album on June 24, 2022. With a total of 7 songs with interesting titles, the album titled Im Nayeon makes fans enthusiastic and impatient in waiting for it.

Fans are also ready to support the multi-talented Nayeon. The idol who has many advantages deserves it. Well, while waiting for it, let’s take a look at the following rows of Nayeon’s advantages.

1. Nayeon has a sweet voice which makes her the lead vocalist for TWICE. He can reach high notes perfectly, you know!

2. Not only filling in the singing part, Nayeon also proved her rapping skills through the song “Hello” whose rhythm is fun to listen to

3. Nayeon has composed 7 songs for TWICE as a lyricist. “Love Countdown” and “All or Nothing” which will be released on his solo album are also
made by him

4. Having an amazing stage presence, Nayeon makes fans feel at home watching her performance because she is expressive and good at dancing

5. Nayeon has often been an advertising model since before her debut. He also had time to work with brands Chaumet and Biotherm, you know

6. Confident, Nayeon since childhood participated in a child model contest until she managed to get an offer to join the agency

7. Nayeon has proven her acting talent in various group MVs and her senior idols. One of them, Jun.K’s “Your Wedding”

8. Nayeon is popular with the public, considering that she is also the center and face of the group so that she is considered to represent her group

9. Nayeon likes to do various positive activities, such as baking and cooking. If he has many opportunities, he wants to learn something else

10. Nayeon worked hard since trainee, to believe in her talent in order to develop. His struggle is also shown in Sixteen

11. Nayeon was an MC on the 2017 Idol Star Athletics Championship program. She also hosted a special event on Inkigayo

Having talent and personality that are her strengths, it’s no wonder that Nayeon is admired by many people. Not only fans, the general public also likes and is enthusiastically waiting for his solo debut, you know.