Why Were BTS Banned From ISAC (Kpop Idols Athletics Olympiad)? For Clearly Ridiculous Reasons


With over 25 K-pop groups participating in the 2022 Idol Star Athletics Championships (ISAC), why isn’t BTS?

ISAC itself is a biennial sporting event where K-pop idols compete in various sporting events such as running, throwing, and jumping.

ISAC was held for the first time in his 2010. His ISAC event in 2022 will therefore be his 20th. ISAC did not take place last year due to Covid-19 pandemic

Also, ISAC is one of his biggest Kpop shows because he has many idols on one stage.

For example, at ISAC 2015, 300 athletes competed for the best in a sporting event held at Goyang Gymnasium at the time.

From the excitement of K-pop idol sports parties, why isn’t BTS on his ISAC 2022 entry list?

Why were BTS and ISAC banned?

For those who don’t know, there is no news of BTS attending his ISAC 2022 event.
Because BTS is banned or banned from ISAC.

So why are BTS banned or banned in ISAC? What’s wrong with BTS?

Above is a photo taken by Jin at the last ISAC event BTS attended in 2017.

Whether or not the BTS members intentionally took selfies is still a mystery.

However, it is strictly forbidden to take or upload any photos on ISAC before a particular episode airs on MBC.

Many believe that the BTS member knows that not taking selfies or pictures is one of his ISAC rules and must be strictly adhered to.

So, because it was prohibited, BTS members deliberately broke or violated the rules.

In fact, if BTS intentionally violated the ban or was banned from ISAC, what was the reason?

As you know, competing in ISAC is very difficult and at the same time you have to practice your choreography for your daily performance.

So the theory that the BTS member deliberately violated her ISAC rules may be correct.

Did ISAC deliberately ban BTS, the biggest K-pop boy group?
In fact, the ISAC committee has never officially announced that BTS has been banned for violating some rules.

So other Kpop fans of his have another theory. BTS banned or banned himself from his ISAC. Here’s the story.
In fact, BTS are the winners of the most ISAC events.

If you watch every episode of ISAC, at least you can see that he won many matches in the early days of BTS, starting with his 2014 episode where BTS first joined.

According to some sources, he did not receive much recognition for his victory in ISAC.

In this episode of his ISAC, where most of the BTS members were competing, we found Jin lying down and relaxing while he slept.

And in 2017, we learned that BTS released spoilers and main photos for the show after the event and before the broadcast.

This violates two very strict and important rules.

It’s so touching why BTS “deliberately” violated it.

Therefore, there is an ISAC agreement that BTS signed a compulsory contract to participate for the next two years.

However, they prefer to travel around the world to entertain their fans. Therefore, BTS feels that they have had enough.

Yes, they deliberately leaked his ISAC photos of his event. The goal is to be banned or banned from the ISAC.

Since then, the BTS member has not attended his ISAC event.

Yes, we can say that BTS has also been cleverly banned or banned from ISAC. ***