Why is Park Eun Bin’s “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” noticed?


After the first 2 episodes aired, the drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” starring Park Eun Bin and Kang Tae Oh is receiving the attention of the audience.

“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” (The strange female lawyer Woo Young Woo) revolves around the story of Woo Young Woo (Park Eun Bin), a young lawyer with Asperger syndrome (autism spectrum disorder).

Thanks to a high IQ of 164, impressive memory and creative thought process, Woo Young Woo excellently graduated as valedictorian at the prestigious Seoul National University, but she still finds it difficult to interact with others. everyone in society.

However, after starting work at the law firm Hanbanda and meeting Lee Joon Ho (Kang Tae Oh), a friendly employee, Woo Young Woo’s life changes.

After the first two episodes, the work about a “special” female lawyer is receiving much attention.

Logical plot, “healing” color

In the first 2 episodes, the drama somewhat depicts Woo Young Woo’s illness and the reason why she became a lawyer. However, also because of Asperger’s syndrome, the heroine has many difficulties, when she cannot control her actions, suffers from prejudices from others…

However, when starting work, Woo Young Woo showed his talent and qualities as a lawyer when solving cases such as helping an ex-neighbor to escape the murder of her husband, helping clients to claim the money. compensation in the case of the wedding dress falling during the wedding in a quick, unique and delicate way.

The way the work follows the direction of solving cases by episode, besides incorporating interesting and humorous details revolving around Woo Young Woo’s life and work is a plus point, helping the movie retain viewers first. screen.

Many viewers commented that watching “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” made them feel light, comfortable and warm. The movie has no villains but is just as smooth as flowing water, the right kind of healing – an audience commented.

Smooth, lovely acting

On the screen, Park Eun Bin plays an impressive role. In addition to cutting her hair short to match the role, the actress also spent a lot of time researching the character, to the point where Kang Tae Oh – her co-star commented, “Park Eun Bin’s passion and affection for the character Woo Young Woo is extraordinary.

She is a great actress who is always thinking and putting in effort. There is so much to learn from her.” Meanwhile, on social networks, the audience praised the Korean star’s smooth and lovely acting.

With the male lead Kang Tae Oh, he is a male star who is familiar with Vietnamese audiences through works such as “Youth age”, “Run On”, “The first vibration of life”, “Human in no decade”… So, with this project, he didn’t have too much trouble.

But, in order to convey more realism to the audience, the male star worked hard to cut down on his expressions on screen.

Regarding the chemistry of Park Eun Bin and Kang Tae Oh, the majority guessed, the more the couple will bring the audience more interesting scenes in the future. Because before that, in episode 2, the scene of Lee Joon Ho “standing still for a few seconds” when he saw the beautiful and radiant Woo Young Woo in a wedding dress made many viewers excited.