His Backstory | Why Giyu Tomioka Wears Half-Half Color Outfit “Haori”?


The first episode of Demon Slayer aired in 2019, and Water Hashira Tomioka Giyu nailed it with her cool look. Giyu made his debut in the first episode and he was the first Hashira we saw in Demon Slayer. Fans immediately fell in love with her cold and IDGAF behavior, but have you ever wondered why Tomioca Giyu wears a half-colored Haori (overcoat)? Continue reading to learn more about Jiu’s story and the reason for her style of dress.

You don’t have to introduce Jiu Tomioka to everyone, but let’s introduce you as soon as possible.

Jiyu Tomioka is one of the most popular Hashira in Demon Slayer. He showed great skill in shooting the most terrible demons. He is a restrained character and does not interfere in conversations when not needed.

It was a little information about Jiyu, now it’s time to talk about his clothes and why he did it. There’s a lot behind her clothing design and it’s all spoiler.

Jiyu wears a haori divided into two different patterns from the middle. The right side is red and the left side is geometrically decorated with green, orange and yellow squares.

The history of Jiyu Tomioka and the history of the design of her clothes (Haori)
To understand the design of Giyu Tomioka Haori (clothing), we need to look at its history. She grew up with her older sister, Tsutako. They lived a normal life, but one day they were chased away by a demon who tried to eat them. Tsutako loved his little brother (Giyu) and he protected him from demons and killed him.

Tomioca Giyu tried to warn the villagers, but no one believed him and called him a mental illness. Giyu escaped and Sakonji ran into Urokodaki.

Jiyu explained everything to Sakonji and started training under him to become a demon killer. Of course, he befriended Sabito, one of Urokodaki’s disciples.

Unfortunately, during the final selection, Sabito Jiyu died at the hands of the “hand demon” who saved Tomioka.

Jiu lost two of his closest people and still blames himself, as they both saved him and died.

Giyu’s sister (Tsutako) wears a dark red kimono, and Sabito wears a green kimono with yellow and dark green hexagonal geometric shapes. If you look at Tomioca Giyu’s clothes, half are green and the other half are yellow and dark green geometric shapes. Giyu did this in order to honor the courageous spirit of his sister and friend in the Haori language.

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