Why did the Uchiha Clan Betray Madara in Naruto? Here’s the reason


In its history, Madara Uchiha had left the village of Konoha and even fought Hashirama in the process, and is believed to have ended in his death.

But there is something unique, Madara left the village, but the Uchiha clan didn’t, why?

Why did the Uchiha Clan Betray Madara in Naruto? Here’s the reason
studio pierrot/Naruto

After the formation of the Konoha clan, the Uchiha and Senju were able to live peacefully side by side within the village.

But Madara is paranoid, he is afraid that the future of Uchiha will be bad while in Konoha.

The climax was when he read the Uchiha clan history tablet which was altered by Black Zetsu. Messages there are written about the history of the ninja including about Kaguya, and the story that the Uchiha and Senju clans will continue to conflict and true peace will never happen.

2. Madara tried to convince the Uchiha clan and even Hashirama, but no one listened to him

After reading and knowing the history of the ninja, then in the end the temporary peace (Konoha village) will end and the conflict between Uchiha and Senju will occur again, Madara warned his clan and even Hashirama.

But it is said that no one listened to Madara’s warnings, so he was obsessed with carrying out what he read on the Uchiha history tablet (which was modified by Black Zetsu), namely Mugen Tsukuyomi to create true peace.

Why didn’t the Uchiha clan listen to Madara’s warning? Maybe because they are comfortable in the ninja village system and don’t have to go to war to send their children into conflict.

Eventually Madara left the village of Konoha and left his clan, in the process he fought Hashirama Senju and faked his death until he finally met Obito.

3. Ironically, the Uchiha clan was actually headed for their downfall in Konoha village
Madara’s warning was that one day the Uchiha clan would be headed for destruction if they remained in Konoha village.

In the small Naruto era, the new Uchiha clan began to feel cornered by the Konoha village so they wanted to carry out a coup.

In the end they couldn’t carry out the coup because they were all finished off by Itachi Uchiha who tried to stop the conflict.

Uniquely, Itachi, who met Obito (whom he thought was Madara) then asked for help in killing Uchiha so that “Madara” could avenge him, whose warnings his own clan had not heeded.