Why did Stéphane Bern panic the web this weekend?


While he will soon be showing the fiction “For the love of a son”, Stéphane Bern has become the laughing stock of Internet users, who had fun hijacking one of the images from the trailer.

Stéphane Bern is THE story of France Télévisions. If he knew how to gain popularity with French viewers by becoming the star host of the show Secrets d’histoire and by commenting on significant social events, he has been trying his hand at comedy for several years.

After playing his own role in  Les Aristos and Absolument Fabuleux , Stéphane Bern plays more and more fictitious roles, as was the case in the fiction  Meurtres en Lorraine or in the series L’Art du Crime. On the strength of these experiences, the host will soon be appearing in  For the Honor of a Son by Olivier Guignard , which will be broadcast on France 3 on August 25.

In this TV movie, Stéphane Bern lends his features to Commander Paul Leclerc, a former fighter pilot who trains the military in the use of observation drones. During a field operation in Africa, his son Guillaume ( Théo Bertrand ), engaged as a ground commando, is killed. If the investigation quickly concludes that there was enemy fire, Paul cannot accept this hypothesis.......

Something is wrong and he intends to find out what. As the quest for the truth becomes obsessive, Paul must not neglect any lead, among the enemies of France, and unfortunately perhaps, among his friends. Gradually discovering the truth, he will fight against the temptation to take justice into his own hands. After going through the trauma of his son’s death, he will risk losing everything else.

A strong role for Stéphane Bern who did not fail to amuse Internet users who discovered this weekend the trailer available above. In one of the scenes, his character points his gun at someone. It didn’t take much for the canvas to grab hold of this image and turn it into a meme .

The scene, which became cult even before the TV movie was broadcast, was the subject of several hijackings, in particular making fun of the host’s love for the history of France and royalty.

Some have even gone so far as to imagine a crossover between Stéphane Bern, Stéphane Plaza , who was starring in Meurtres à Figeac a few weeks ago, and Jean-Luc Reichmann , who became one of the stars of TF1 with the series Leo Mattei.