Why Christian Bale’s Batman Is Better Than Michael Keaton


Christian Bale’s version of Batman was chosen by fans to enter the DCEU more than Michael Keaton

Michael Keaton will return as Batman in two of the upcoming DCEU projects, but Christian Bale’s version of ‘Dark Knight’ would actually be much better suited for that role.

Michael Keaton’s version of Batman is rumored to be joining the DCEU, but it’s widely believed that Christian Bale’s version of ‘The Dark Knight’ would actually be much better for the franchise. Michael Keaton, who will appear again as Batman in Ezra Miller’s version of ‘The Flash’, seems to be preparing to explore a new version of “Caped Crusader” at the DCEU.

Ben Affleck has previously been confirmed to be leaving the role and handing back the DCEU ‘Dark Knight’ role to Keaton. However, there are actually other actors who fit this franchise better than these two.

Christian Bale is best known for playing the character Batman for the ‘Dark Knight’ trilogy directed by Christopher Nolan. Unmitigated, the director also took great actors to play in his film trilogy, such as Joker played by Heath Ledger, Harvey Dent by Aaron Eckhart, Scarecrow by Cillian Murphy, and Ra’s al Ghul played by Liam Neeson.

In fact, the Nolan trilogy was considered to be linked with Zack Snyder’s ‘Man of Steel‘ and created a much different early version of the DCEU.

However, although Keaton’s return has also received a pretty good response among fans, Bale’s ‘The Dark Knight’ would be a much better fit in the DCEU. Here are reasons why Bale would be better off getting a place in the DCEU than Keaton:

Christopher Nolan’s trilogy is more in tune with the tone of the DCEU

The dark aura of the DCEU has been heavily criticized for influencing the franchise. Bale’s version is predicted to be more suitable than Michael Keaton to enter the DCEU, while the choice has fallen on Michael Keaton who replaced Ben Affleck for Batman’s continuation in the DCEU.

The popularity of Bale’s Batman will probably help the somewhat stumbling DCEU develop the ever-changing world of superheroes. Nolan’s version of the ‘Dark Knight’ trilogy is not too far from the dark tone of Batman in the DCEU.

Nolan’s trilogy is a work of genius with serious themes brought to life by talented actors and a solid narrative. All of that may not be equivalent to writing today’s DCEU superhero films. But the color tone from DCEU fits perfectly with Nolan’s trilogy. Although ‘The Dark Knight’ trilogy is not part of the DCEU, Bale’s version of Batman will naturally unite with the Justice League superheroes.

Michael Keaton’s version of Batman is too silly for the DCEU

Ben Affleck’s role as Batman in the DCEU may not have been so brilliant, but replacing him with Keaton seems like an odd choice, especially when this version of Bale’s character is so universally enjoyed.

At a time when the DCEU was more serious about developing its world, Keaton’s version of Batman was a hasty decision. Given the two Batman films from Tim Burton featuring a different Batman. The thick gothic characteristic makes some characters feel foreign.

Positive criticisms of Bale’s Batman

Creating a great movie franchise should do more than just entertain fans. This is evidenced by the character of Christian Bale’s Batman version which is much better than Michael Keaton.

The DCEU has so far had a lot of trouble behind the scenes that left critics and fans alike disappointed. Through Bale’s version of Batman, the positive encouragement from critics in his film trilogy, will be a value boost for the next DCEU quality.

Christopher Nolan’s previous ‘The Dark Knight’ trilogy was warmly received by fans and critics alike, which could help the DCEU on both sides. If Christian Bale returns as Batman for the DCEU, he could again reap critical acclaim for his role and give fans of the Nolan trilogy satisfaction.

Bale’s version of Batman can enter the DCEU

The completed Batman role by Bale coincides with the completion of the ‘Dark Knight’ trilogy. Bale’s return may potentially cause new problems. Chistopher Nolan also agreed that the role of Batman in the third film became the climax when saving Gotham which became the inspiration for other superheroes to be born. With ‘The Flash’ introducing Flashpoint in the DCEU, it’s possible that Bale’s Batman will return “if needed”

Since Bale’s version of Batman has always proven to be high on ideals, asking him to help or inspire a new hero in Gotham would fit perfectly in the world of the DCEU that will introduce Batgirl. This potential makes Bale return as a young hero like Robin and a new character that will appear later.

Why Bale didn’t join the DCEU

Although Nolan’s ‘Dark Knight’ trilogy was originally thought to be the basis of the DCEU, Christian Bale as a character ultimately remained separate from the Warner Bros. superhero franchise. Is it still possible for Bale to return? Apparently not, considering what happened to Ben Affleck who had been replaced by Keaton.

Christian Bale’s Batman won’t be returning to the DCEU, as the more down-to-earth and realistic ‘Dark Knight’ trilogy doesn’t match the more fantastically made DCEU poses problems of its own. It would be hard to imagine if Henry Cavill’s Superman and Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman joined Nolan’s Batman.

However, some fans still believe that Bale’s version of Batman will appear in ‘The Flash’ as a cameo. However, it is still unclear whether the Batman that will appear is a past or future version. There is a strong argument that Bale’s version is still the best choice to appear in the upcoming DCEU film.