Why are the San Diego Padres failing in 2023?
 [Sports News]

Why are the San Diego Padres failing in 2023? [Sports News]


There is no MLB analyst who could have predicted that at this point in the season the San Diego Padres would be next to last in the NL West.

An inconceivable scenario for a team whose management did their homework in the Major League market and made sure they fielded an all-star lineup with a top-level pitching staff.

How could anyone imagine that the Padres of Manny Machado, Juan Soto, Xander Bogaerts and with Fernando Tatís Jr. back would have a 21-26 record in the second month of the season?

Also, how to explain it? With no reports of bad weather in the dugout, there are two key elements to Bob Melvin’s crew getting through this crisis.

The first is major arm injuries like relievers Robert Suárez, Adrián Morejón and Drew Pomeranz. They also lost a starter who was doing well, Seth Lugo, to physical problems. Machado himself has joined the inactive, causing a noticeable loss with his crack in his hand.

But there’s also an obvious answer: Even though they have some of the best hitters in the majors, the offense hasn’t worked. Surprisingly, the Padres have the worst team average in the entire MLB, at .222, although they rank 18th in home runs, with 50, and 14th in doubles, with 81.

Pitching hasn’t been a problem, with the 10th-best team ERA on tour and third in the National League at 3.92. The rotation has a 4.34 ERA (15th place) and a 3.27 bullpen, fifth-best in the majors right now.

But looking at the individual stats is the cause of all the Padres’ woes. Machado wasn’t doing well before he got hurt (.231, 5 home runs and 19 RBIs), Soto has woken up after the trip to Mexico, but it hasn’t been enough (.248, 8 homers, 13 doubles and 21 RBIs), Bogaerts He hasn’t looked as forceful as usual either (.257, 6 homers, 7 doubles and 16 RBIs) and the only one who seems on fire and constant is Tatís Jr.

Matt Carpenter has been criticized, but along with Soto he is the team’s biggest RBI hitter and has more extra-base hits than Nelson Cruz.

If Melvin can’t find a way to reverse this, they’ll agree with Bob Nightengale, who says San Diego is having “the worst failure in its history.”