Whiskey Content, Jundos Movies Inc. Nine Movie Co-Creation Agreement -2022

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After the success of Nicolás Postiglion first collaboration, Immersion, Mexican Shingles Whiskey Content and Chilean Jundos Movies have formed a medium-term strategic alliance for the joint exhibition of nine Movies over six years.

The agreement came days after the premiere of Immersion, a Movie starring Chile most conspicuous fairy, Alfredo Castro, which won the award for Best Poster Design at the Miami Movie Festival. The Movie has already won Best at the Guadalajara, Tallinn Black Knights and Punta del Este festivals.

The courage comes as cooperation between Hispanic businesses continues in response to the growing challenges of producing regional content. Weak demand for content from traditional and new players in the entertainment industry, especially streamers, is also an important figure.

Juan Bernardo González & Arturo Pereira – Whiskey Content
Courtesy of Whiskey Content

This is another decisive step towards our goal of transforming our company into a recognized player in the field of content, said Juan Bernardo González, partner at Whiskey Content. Since we started working with Jundos on the movie ‘Immersion,’ we have understood that our companies naturally complement each other, he added.

We collectively explore a variety of themes, but the common elements include questions of social structures, organizations and dependencies structured from an individual worldview, said Francisco Herv, co-founder of Jundos Movies. We look for stories from all over the world, but very rooted in local realities, whether they are miners in the Atacama desert in Chile or a private school in Patagonia, he added.

Thirdly, our goal is to tell these stories from the author point of view, but through the prism of the usual Movie genres to appeal to a wider audience, he continued: We currently have plans to attract thrillers, including westerns. , comedies, crime dramas. and some rudiments of adventures and superheroes. .

Founded in Mexico City in 2009 by González and Arturo Pereira, Whiskey Content focused on creating advertising content until 2018, when they began co-producing Inmersión and La Caja (La Gaja), with a second Movie. By Lorenzo Vikas, winner of Venice, it was screened in the world circle in the official competition of the Venice Movie Festival. The company has several Movie and television programs and is present in Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and the United States.

Jundos Movies was founded in 2019 in Santiago de Chile by Hervé, Moises Cepulveda and Daniela Raviola, who, after merging their companies Matriguera Movies and Pancito Movies, will produce category Movies in aerial perspective.

Daniela Raviola, Moises Cebulveda & Francisco Hervey – Jundos Movies
Courtesy of Jundos Movies

For many years, we have been working alone like lone wolves. Usually in the creative process we find that the sum is greater than the value of the parts, said Herv. Variety So about the link. The same philosophy drives his new collaboration with Whiskey Content.

Raviola admits: “Since we founded Jundos, we have considered ourselves a production company that seeks to adjust the artistic vision to the search for an increasingly wide audience.”

The name of our company arises from the valence that we give to working together because we understand that we get along well together. Whiskey is a great collaborator with us, since we share a vision of the future of Ibero-American cinema.

Jundos has built a portfolio of a few dozen Movies (Jujutsu Kaisen 0) fiction and non-fiction, which have won awards at major festivals in Italy, Switzerland, Brazil and Spain.

In the last two springs, in addition to Immersion, Cepulveda has released the Movies Gran Avenida, La Dasa Rota by Estepan Cabosas and El Otro by Moby Dick by Francisco Permejo. the Best Picture award at the adjacent Reel Burning Lights counter.

They are currently preparing five new projects for the 2022-2023 period, in which they will invest part of the whiskey content. To date, Whiskey has already selected three projects on our list, and they could select three more next year and three more in 2024, said Hervé. La Hija del Pacífico (shot at the end of 2022), Condicional (shot in 2023) and N El Lugar Equivocato (no shooting date yet) are the projects selected so far, he pointed out.