Which Latinos surpass Miguel Cabrera in lifetime WAR in MLB history?
 [Sports News]

Which Latinos surpass Miguel Cabrera in lifetime WAR in MLB history? [Sports News]


Miguel Cabrera’s career will come to an end when the passage of the Detroit Tigers in this MLB season concludes.

And as has been the case during the 21 years he’s played in the majors, Cabrera continues to draw comparisons to other Latino stars. Not just with players from his generation. They also try to equate it to legends from other times.

Over the years, Major League Baseball fans have found new arguments to make in the endless comparisons between players and statistics take precedence.

More recently, WAR has become essential in these debates, as it is a tool for measuring the total contribution of a player. In other words, it encompasses various elements (hitting, fielding, base running, pitching) that helped that figure to give victories to his team.

It is not easy to calculate and it is not universal either. Baseball Reference and FanGraphs, the main portals specialized in statistics, have different ways of calculating WAR and the reference is usually that of BR. And although WAR is not the absolute truth, it allows you to compare players from different positions and from different eras and establish the level of contribution that your work had for your team.

Cabrera, who has already turned 40 and is receiving tributes in every stadium he visits, ranks 88th of all time in this statistic with 67.0. He’s the same lifetime WAR that Hall of Famer Roberto Alomar had.

To get an idea of ​​what that means for the Venezuelan who has been Triple Crowned, four-time batting champion, 7-time Silver Slugger winner, invited to 11 All-Star Games and owner of a World Series ring, just take a look. to those who are higher in the ranking.

Among the Latin stars with better WAR than the Detroit star are Robinson Canó (68.1), Edgar Martínez (68.4), Iván Rodríguez (68.7), Carlos Beltrán (70.1), Rafael Palmeiro (71.9), Adrián Beltré (93.5), Roberto Clemente (94.8) and of course Albert Pujols.

The Dominican, who retired in 2022, has a lifetime WAR of 101.7 with which he owns the 20th place of all time in this statistic.