When is Ronaldo’s Second Debut with Manchester United?


Manchester –Portuguese football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo is confirmed to be joining Manchester United again. So when will Ronaldo make his second debut with Manchester United?
The five-time world’s best player returns to the Red Devils after leaving 12 years ago. MU redeemed Ronaldo from Juventus in a deal worth 23 million euros (Rp 388.6 billion); with details of 15 million euros at the beginning and 8 million euros in bonuses.

“Manchester United is delighted to confirm that it has reached an agreement with Juventus for the transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo, subject to personal agreements, visas and medical tests,” United said in a statement on Friday (27/8/2021).

Currently Ronaldo is known to have flown by private jet to Lisbon to undergo a medical test. After that, Ronaldo will only return to MU to join Bruno Fernandes et al.

However, Ronaldo apparently has not entered into a personal agreement with Manchester United, or obtained a visa and medical test at midday Friday, so he is unlikely to be able to play at Wolverhampton headquarters (29/8).

Manchester United supporters will be even more frustrated because the match at Molineux is the last game before the international break. That means, the wait to see Ronaldo’s action in a MU uniform must be postponed until the second week of September.

Reported by Standard , Ronaldo will only undergo a medical test before Portugal faces the Republic of Ireland in the World Cup Qualifying match (1/9). After that, Selecao das Quinas faced Qatar in a friendly before taking on Azerbaijan in another qualifying match (7/9).

Only then will Cristiano Ronaldo be free to return to England, making it possible for Man United to play in the match against Newcastle United at Old Trafford on September 11. Should Ronaldo still miss playing time against Newcastle, he could play in the first Champions League game against Young Boys on September 14, or the away game at West Ham five days later.

‘Wow’ reaction Beckham and Manchester United legend welcome Ronaldo

-Not only fans, Manchester United (MU) legend players rejoice over the return of Cristiano Ronaldo to the lap of the club ‘ Red Devils ‘. Starting from David Beckham to Rio Ferdinand giving a ‘wow’ reaction in the MU Instagram comment column.
” Wow welcome home @cristiano @manchesterunited ,” wrote Beckham. Meanwhile, Ferdinand, Andy Cole and Philip Neville sent emoticons of passion and love to express their joy at hearing Ronaldo’s comeback to Manchester United.

Not only through Instagram, a number of legendary MU players also expressed their joy over the return of Ronaldo to the club which was founded in 1878 via Twitter. Two of them are Peter Schmeichel and Edwin van der Sar.

Previously reported, MU’s Instagram account was flooded with millions of new followers after announcing Ronaldo’s return to the club. Prior to the announcement, MU’s Instagram had 43.1 million followers. Within two hours after it was announced Ronaldo is Coming Home, the number of followers of the club, which was formed in 1878, rose to 44.3 million,

When detikINET published this article, Instagram followers @ machesterunited had reached 45.1 million. It is not impossible that this number will continue to grow considering that Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the big names in world football.

The announcement that Ronaldo is Coming Home alone has earned more than 11.4 million likes on Instagram in just 12 hours after being posted.

As is known, Cristiano Ronaldo has officially returned to Manchester United. The ‘Red Devils’ have announced that they have agreed the transfer of the Portuguese star with Juventus.

Manchester United statement.

Cristiano Ronaldo was reportedly bought by Manchester United for a fee of around 25-30 million euros. The 36-year-old striker is reportedly set to sign a two-year contract.

Can Cavani Give Manchester United’s Number 7 to Ronaldo? These are the rules

Cristiano Ronaldo has been synonymous with the number 7. However, that number at Manchester United is currently owned by Edinson Cavani .
Cristiano Ronaldo returned to Manchester United this summer, 12 years after he left Old Trafford.

Talks about the possibility of Ronaldo’s jersey number at Manchester United immediately surfaced, considering that the number 7 that Ronaldo usually uses is still Cavani’s. MU legend, Rio Ferdinand, had indicated that Cavani agreed to give Ronaldo the number 7 shirt.

He saw who came in and gave the number 7,” Ferdinand said on his Youtube channel after the announcement of Cristiano Ronaldo’s transfer .

However, Ferdinand then immediately withdrew his words. “Maybe? I don’t know! Did he do that or not?”

“In the end you know the problem is maybe the jersey number has been registered, maybe. And that might be a problem. So he might not be able to wear the number 7, so we’ll see,” said Ferdinand.

What are the Premier League rules about this? Premier League Rules chapter M states that the jersey number that has been registered at the start of the season cannot be changed.

The club also has to allocate a number to each player who joined the first team when the current season,” the Premier League rules as reported by Metro .

Once the player leaves the club, the number assigned to him can be reallocated.”

That means Cristiano Ronaldo can only wear the number 7 shirt at Manchester United if Edinson Cavani leaves Old Trafford. As long as he is still a Manchester United player, the Uruguayan striker can’t just give Ronaldo the number 7 shirt.

Manchester United can also apply for a special dispensation to the Premier League to exchange player numbers. However, until now there has never been a history of the Premier League providing that privilege.

Although he cannot wear the number 7 shirt in the Premier League, Cristiano Ronaldo can still use it in the Champions League. There is no rule that requires players to wear the same number in domestic and European competitions.

That happened to Henrikh Mkhitaryan in the 2017/2018 season. He wears number 7 in the Premier League and 77 in the Europa League. Wes Brown, who was part of the treble-winning Manchester United squad in 1998/1999, also wore a different jersey number, namely 30 in the Champions League and 24 in the Premier League.