When BLACKPINK wears orange hair: The youngest Lisa’s visual “overwhelms” the sisters


Do you believe that the diversity of hair color is one of the points that attract the attention of Kpop idols? You can see how hard-working idols “F5” themselves by experimenting with “difficult” tones.

This is a very “picky skin” tone, if it suits it will help you stand out from the crowd, but if it fails, you really look “alum, alum”.

However, the BLACKPINK girls did not hesitate to “befriend” with orange hair to refresh their image. Let’s admire and put 4 beautiful “pieces” of YG on the scale to compare who has the best beauty when wearing this “difficult” hair color!


Covering the entire social network recently is Jennie with a hair color that cannot be more dazzling. It is a brilliant orange tone, catching the summer sun. It can be predicted that this color tone promises to become a “burning hand” trend in the near future. To match the new hair color, Jennie also switched to a natural makeup style with a simple outfit.

Following Jennie’s hair color palette since debut, orange is not her usual choice. The reason is because this hair color makes the female idol’s skin look darker. But with her beautiful beauty and luxurious aura, Jennie’s visual still stands out in every frame.


Rated as the member that matches the lightest hair color in BLACKPINK, Rose has tried quite a few “difficult” tones. Remember at the time of her debut, the female idol was attached to dark red and bright orange hair tones for a long time before finding the true platinum blonde color.

With a brighter orange-yellow color than “sunshine”, Rose looks lovely with her chubby cheeks and clear features on her face. Rose charming beauty is indisputable, but the orange hair color has not really helped her to rank up.

Sharing the same fate with Jennie, this hair color makes the female idol’s skin “sink”. The facial contours also become blurred and not as fresh as the current image of the female idol.


If you’re a die-hard Jisoo fan, you’ll probably realize that she matches well with slightly darker hair colors. The reason is because BLACKPINK’s eldest sister has porcelain white skin, such a hair color will make the female idol’s face stand out more than ever.

As for orange tones, Jisoo doesn’t hesitate to try. And as expected of YG’s visual, the “picky” orange hair color can’t make it difficult for Jisoo. You see, the red-orange hair color gave the female idol a very eye-catching look.

She becomes extremely impressive and equally attractive when wearing this hair color. Jisoo’s porcelain white skin is even more “momented” to help her beauty rank up rapidly.


Unlike her sisters, the youngest Lisa is a loyal person with blonde hair tones, sometimes mixing a little orange to make it more brilliant. The Thai-born female idol is known as the “golden girl in the hair bleaching village”, so with this brilliant orange hair color, Lisa is like a living doll coming out of a cartoon.

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When wearing this hair color, Lisa’s youthfulness and dynamism are multiplied. Many netizens think that this hair color was born for Lisa.

When combined with a youthful and dynamic style, Lisa’s visuals rank even higher. For many viewers, the youngest member of BLACKPINK must be the member with the most orange hair in the group.

Orange is indeed one of the hair colors that are very picky about dyeing because it easily causes the owner’s skin to “plunge”. Looking at the BLACKPINK beauties with this color tone, you must have your own opinion, right? Please share now!