What You Need To Know In Advance Of Garth Brooks Concert


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ST. LOUIS – If you’re one of the tens of hundreds of people heading downtown Saturday for the Garth Brooks concert at The Dome, there are a few important stuff you’ll need to recognise.

PLEASE ARRIVE EARLY. With more than 70,000 enthusiasts in attendance, there can be giant demand for parking in downtown garages and floor masses and buyers should assume heavy vehicular traffic each prior to and after the conclusion of the show. It is recommended concert-goers plan accordingly. Fans are also recommended to visit www.getaroundstl.com for ability parking options.

Street Closures, Passenger Drop Off

  •  Convention Plaza – Broadway Ave. to 7th St.; four p.m. on Saturday, March nine until 3 a.m. on Sunday, March 10
  • Cole Street – Broadway Ave. to seventh St.; four p.m. on Saturday, March nine till 3 a.m. on Sunday, March 10
  • 6th St. – Carr St. to Cole St.; 4 p.m. on Saturday, March nine until three a.m. on Sunday, March 10
  • Passenger drop-off and pickup could be authorized at the west lane of Broadway. Vehicle standing or parking prohibited.


  • Everyone need to have a price ticket for front. There are four important entrances positioned on each corner of The Dome at America’s Center. Gate A (seventh and Convention Plaza), Gate B (Broadway and Convention Plaza), Gate C (Broadway and Cole) and Gate D (Cole and sixth).
  • Accessible entrances are positioned at the Courtyard Entrance (Gate A) and Broadway Central Entrance (positioned among Cole and Convention Plaza).
  • Floor Access: Please use Gates A and B. You can nonetheless get entry to the ground seating from different entrances however Gates A and B have direct get admission to. Guests having access to the ground seats should have both a Floor ticket and Floor wristband.
  • Please observe that the St Louis Home and Garden Show (March 7-nine) will also be taking location in the Convention Center.

Security Procedures, Photo Policy, Signs

  • All enthusiasts will be subject to safety screening previous to access into The Dome at America’s Center.
  • A clean bag coverage can be in impact. Approved bags encompass clear plastic luggage no larger than 12″ x 6″ x 12″, fashionable one-gallon disposable zip-pinnacle baggage, or a small take hold of, with or without a deal with, no large than 4.5″ x 6.five″. Any bags out of doors of the above will now not be allowed into the venue. All bags are situation to go looking.
  • PROHIBITED: Professional cameras (that means cameras with detachable lens…cameras need to be capable of fit into a shirt pocket), video cameras, Go Pros, iPads, audio device, and selfie sticks.
  • The event does allow symptoms as long as they match the following standards: o Signs can’t be larger than 28”x 22” o Signs can’t show profanity or objectionable pics.
  • Signs can’t contain political wording/pix. Additionally, wording/pics must be in excellent flavor.
  • Signs can’t be on sticks/poles and security employees does have the permission to invite guests with signs and symptoms to decrease their symptoms that are obstructing the view of different visitors.

Large bags; guns; food not dispensed by means of The Dome’s concessionaires; glass containers (of any type); drinks; alcoholic beverages; chains (of any kind); bottles; cans; coolers; bins; thermoses; strollers; glitter or confetti; peanuts inside the shell; projectiles (i.e. Frisbees, footballs or seaside balls); poles or sticks of any kind; laser pens or laser suggestions; laptop computer systems; animals or pets (not which includes provider animals); synthetic noisemakers of any kind (i.e. cowbells or air horns); illegal tablets or materials; fireworks; candles; flares; balloons; firearms; knives; missiles and weapons of any type; mace and pepper gasoline; any item that might hinder a visitor’s view of the occasion; another object deemed dangerous or beside the point through control; and some other item(s) deemed to be offensive or of danger.

General Tips

  • Report a trouble right now. If you want assistance, please contact a uniformed Dome staff member or police officer.
  • For your safety, status at the seats or blocking aisles is against the law. The aisles ought to continue to be clear to allow for unobstructed passage by means of others.
  • Bring necessities which includes emergency smartphone numbers and a list of any clinical records.
  • Use the friend system. Stay together with your pals whilst shifting throughout the Dome.
  • Pick a place to satisfy up. Please pick out an area outside and inside of the Dome to meet up within the event you emerge as separated from your organization.
  • More hints at the show may be located at https://explorestlouis.com/conferences-conventions/domeat-americas-middle/garth-brooks-in-st-louis/.

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