What time does 365 Days: Today premiere? See when the sequel to the controversial movie comes out on Netflix


365 DNI (365 Days) part 2 is about to premiere on Netflix . For those who liked the plot, or simply for the +18 content, the sequel will be very hot.

One of the most controversial movies in Netflix history is back for a long-awaited sequel. 365 Days: Today continues the steamy romance between Laura ( Anna-Maria Sieklucka ) and Massimo ( Michele Morrone ), who now have a new enemy (or love!) to face . For those who have become a fan of the couple, the news is good: the wait for the premiere is already over and the new movie enters the streaming catalog this Wednesday, April 27

In the movie released in 2020, we saw Laura fall in love with Massimo, the mobster who kidnapped her and held her hostage in Italy. What started out as a crime turned into an overwhelming passion that drove them both down the aisle. Well, the sequel will show what happened to the duo after the wedding and the twist: Laura becomes pregnant with Massimo.

In 365 Days: Today, the protagonist will once again be kidnapped, this time by a rival of Massimo: Nacho ( Simone Susinna ), the new heartthrob of the franchise, is the son of the rival mafia boss and will use Laura to hit his enemy, who is not will spare no effort to rescue it. Here, the twist is that new feelings will begin to emerge between Laura and Nacho, which could jeopardize not only her marriage, but her own life.

The sex scenes that left the audience impacted in the first feature will be back even more powerful – at least that’s what screenwriter Blanka Lipinska , author of the original books that gave rise to the Netflix movies promises . In an interview with Hugo Gloss, the writer revealed that 365 Days 2: Today will have a sex scene never seen before in cinema .

“When you watch the second part of the story, I’ll be able to talk about the hardest sex scene I’ve ever created. I believe there is no sex scene like this in any other movie,” said the Polish author.

No wonder, the star Anna-Maria Sieklucka revealed that the job of shooting the sensual scenes of the new movie was not easy – and that she even thought she would not be able to continue the task . “It’s not like you shoot it once and then it gets easier. It doesn’t work like that. You have to prepare for it all the time and think about how you are going to do it. Your head has to be in place at all times,” he told Polish website Jastrząb Post.

The 365 Days sequel debuts on April 27 on the platform and will again be an adaptation of the book Ten Dzien, (translated as “That Day”), by Blanka Lipińska and will feature the writer and creator directly in the movies.

According to Blanka , the sequel promises to greatly surpass the first movie, at least in the hot scenes. In an interview with Hugo Gloss , the writer spoke more about the movie and even revealed that some scenes are based on her own experiences.

365 Days has a shocking ending, where Laura is kidnapped by Massimo ‘s rivals and we don’t know if she was murdered or is just in the custody of the criminals.

However, according to the trailer released, we see Laura alive and will present us with several intense moments.

What will happen in 365 days part 2?
Netflix has already announced that it will produce two 365 Days sequels, titled This Day and Next 365 Days . Thus, creative supervision is expected, where controversial topics will be treated more cautiously, without so many problematic issues.

Despite this, the production team of the new movies will be the same, with Blanka Lipińska signing the adaptations, with Mojca Tirs , while Barbara Białowąs and Tomasz Mandes will direct.

The returns of stars Michele Morrone and Anna-Maria Sieklucka are guaranteed, as is the return of Magdalena Lamparska in the role of Olga, Laura’s best friend.

Finally, the novelty in the cast is on account of Simone Susinna , who plays Nacho , the great villain of the second movie of 365 Days .

The character, however, must represent impulses even more obscure than those of the already known mobster, becoming a great attraction for Laura.

In this new movie, Laura and Massimo get back together after a big scare. But their relationship is affected by the protagonist’s family, while a mysterious man wins Laura’s heart and trust.

At the end of the first movie, Massimo and Laura prepare for their wedding, and she discovers that she is pregnant. Much to Massimo’s dismay, a rival Mafia family organizes an attempt on Laura, who is kidnapped in a tunnel. The movie does not reveal the protagonist’s condition, but we already know Laura is safe and sound.

365 Days: Today premieres April 27 on Netflix .