What Makes Hachimitsu Shikimori’s True Best Girl Not Just Sweet


Shikimori has won the hearts of many as the seemingly perfect boyfriend, but one of her friends might steal the show as the true “best girl”.

Shikimori’s Not Just a Cutie introduces a boyfriend who is perfect in every way: Shikimori is beautiful, strong, and kind, so it’s no wonder she quickly won the hearts of many. With interesting character designs and fun personalities, there’s a lot to love about the titular Shikimori. But there is another girl on the same show who has qualities that make her even more lovable.

Yui Hachimitsu is short, whimsical, and drawn to look like a character from a completely different show. But despite these imperfections, or rather because of them, he’s managed to capture the hearts of many fans — perhaps even more so than Shikimori himself.

Hachimitsu is Weird in its Best Way
In a series based on realism — for the most part — Hachimitsu stands out as someone who is very cartoonish from his character designs to his character quirks. He is able to bend his body like a squishy toy, can stretch himself like chewing gum, and somehow carries things even when his hands look like fluffy nubs.

No one in the series questions this, just quietly accepts it as part of Hachimitsu’s many unique quirks. In fact, his friends seem to love him precisely because he is so weird.

Hachimitsu Has a Unique Character Design

Hachimitsu seemed to be from a completely different show. With his unchanging blank stare, lack of pupils, and broad smile, his appearance attracts a lot of attention, especially when compared to the more realistic proportions of his peers. While a character with an out of place design is not an uncommon trope, especially in anime, it is rarely used for female characters. These types of characters are usually used mostly for comedic effect, which is probably why they are more often boys than girls.

Hachimitsu Has His Own Special Role to Play

Nekozaki is already playing the role of Shikimori’s energetic female best friend, while Inuzuka is the male best friend who supports Izumi. While it’s clear from the start that Hachimitsu is close to the others, it initially feels like he’s made into a simple comic relief character acting as filler in Izumi and Shikimori’s group of friends. No more, no less.

Later chapters in the Shikimori manga soon reveal that there is a deeper depth to Hachimitsu than meets the eye. He is very bad at sports, and although this was initially played out as a joke, it was later revealed that he found this quite frustrating when he found himself dragging his friends while they were training for a marathon for their school sports festival. And while he may be bad at sports, Hachimitsu is great at all kinds of video games, something Shikimori seems to have a hard time dealing with at first.

Hachimitsu wasn’t meant to look helplessly beautiful or cute, nor was he a passionate best friend or shy little sister. He is his own unique character who plays by his own rules. She has her own unique role in Shikimori’s Not Just a Cutie, and the story wouldn’t be the same without her.