What It Takes to Be a K-Pop Star

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The world of K-pop is taking this generation of pop culture to the highest level. Popular groups like BTS and Blackpink, and even solo artists like IU and Jessi, are showing the world that Asian artists can take over the world’s music industry.

Since their success inspired many generations young and old, what do these K-pop idols have in common that made them the icons they are today?

The Rise of K-Pop in the Music Industry
Addictive melodies and danceable music paved the way for the emergence of the K-pop industry in the music world. The history of its emergence in the global sphere is tied to many generations of K-pop groups and icons.

Over the years, K-pop has become a global phenomenon that will continue to grow and develop in the years to come.

This begs the question, how to become a K-pop icon? It may not have a specific law to follow, but there are similarities in these idols.

1. Practice Your Skills
Becoming a K-pop star doesn’t happen overnight. This is a career that starts with diligently practicing your skills in dancing, singing, being a public figure, and even posting on social media. The main goal of this training is not only to develop your talent on stage but also to develop discipline in your career.

Trained in Agencies and Companies
The shining stars of the Korean industry are mainly incubated in training institutes from a young age until they debut.

They are trained to sing, dance, and rap in order to master their innate musical identity and as entertainers to the crowd. Also, they are taught to master public interactions and proper etiquette and are not “overturned” by the majority.

The competition to get into any of these agencies is so tough that it takes all your luck for the rest of your life. But once you log in, you will be managed by Kpop managers and agencies directly until you debut.

2. Visuals Are What You Can Offer
There’s no denying that strong charismatic charms or cutesy auras are traits these idols can give off as part of their stage performances. There is strong judgment from the general public about what appears to be the “K-pop standard”. Most are thin and fit with fair and beautiful looking skin.

Mastering Make-Up
Even though the west doesn’t apply makeup regularly, K-pop idols are criticized for looking “unprepared” to the public. That’s why the “no make-up make-up look” is becoming a popular trend among these stars and must be mastered, especially for female idols.

That’s also why investing in a long-lasting skincare routine is necessary for these stars to erase imperfections on their faces and have a radiant and youthful aura.

Plastic Surgery is the Norm
You were born with a perfect and symmetrical face, or you have the means for plastic surgery to enhance your features to become a K-pop idol. It is rooted in K-pop’s standard of visual weight to appear on camera, portraying the perfect image of a star.

In fact, students who want to become idols can have plastic surgery as a graduation gift in Korea.

3. Strict Diet and Etiquette Lessons
Image is a K-pop star’s most valuable selling point both physically and behaviorally. Maintaining the standard for what is considered physically fit for an idol and what good manners to display is the biggest problem in the K-pop world.

Get Skinny for Female Idols and Slim for Men
The weight of a star is watched like an eagle by fans. Being thin is not only acceptable but also highly coveted by many people. Fans and media put a lot of pressure on K-pop stars to slim down.

Regarding the appearance and number of women, the Korean media is notoriously harsh. In order to look good on television, many female K-pop idols are pressured to lose weight to very low levels. Male stars are also often required to have muscles and abs. This is to tell the fantasy of portraying the perfect K-pop idol.

The popularity of some K-pop diets has resulted. Depending on the diet, you may eat nothing but sweet potatoes, or you may only eat one meal a day. Some K-pop stars experience eating disorders due to stress.

Bad Reputation and Forbidden Dating
The stewards of each K-pop idol closely observe how they handle public engagement and behavior on social media. In the west, celebrities can often party to enjoy life outside of their work. But in K-pop, it’s different. A star is not allowed to have a single place on his reputation, not to reduce their selling power as an idol.

Dating is also a problem in the K-pop industry. More often than not, female idols sign contracts not to get involved in romantic relationshipstis private or public. This is especially the case where an icon with a relationship can reduce its popularity.

4. Strong Mind in Dealing with Stress
K-pop idols are often hit by anxiety because of their busy schedules, gossip, and problems. They need to have a strong soul to face all these problems.

Depression and Suicide in the K-Pop Industry
News of suicide among staff