What does the end of Midnight Mass mean, the Netflix series. What happened at the last minute?


The ending of the Midnight Mass series left some unknowns in the air, but director Mike Flanagan himself answered about them… More or less.

As you’d expect with this director, we have drops of terror, lots of mystery, deep drama… And an ending that may not be obvious to everyone.

Having offered our critique of the Midnight Mass, we have proposed to explain what the end of the Midnight Mass means, if some of you do not know what the last words mean. Director Mike Flannagan himself has explained it. Watch out, spoilers come from here, logically. Don’t follow if you haven’t seen the series.

Are you still here? Well, let’s look at the meaning of the end of the Midnight Mass. As you may recall, the final episode was the most incisive (pun intended), with all the island members turning into… Angels? Damn? Vampire? And burn with the light of dawn. However, the fate of the “angel” who created everything, the monstrous creature, is not so clear.

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The last we see is how Erin, whose neck devoured the monster, used the last of her strength to slash her wings with a knife, leaving her unable to fly properly. The monster, seeing the dawn approaching and being able to kill it, flew away, but did so clumsily. The children saw him flee the island, but they didn’t think he would go far.

Right after that, young Leeza says he can’t feel his legs… And the series ends. Does this mean that the “angel” has died and, therefore, its influence on everyone has disappeared? Because of that, Leeza would return to her previous state, when she couldn’t walk.

We are not saying that he has died. was starting to go away, that she would be all right.”

“We don’t want to confirm what happened with the Angels, in the sense that you can never kill fanaticism completely, it always comes back in some form. But I like what it means to you.” Well that’s how it is, although in the series itself Angels exist, the characters are more of a metaphor for how a religion is perverted when it falls into fanaticism.

And by the way, Dr. Gunning confirmed: if the blood concentration of the substance produced by the Angel is low enough, the person can survive and even return to their original state.

Another interesting aspect of the end of the Midnight Mass is the behavior of the islanders in the last seconds of their lives. They all started singing psalms and hugging each other, sad because they knew they were going to die, but with smiles on their faces. However, Bev Keane, the great leader of , tries to cover himself with sand before sunrise.

What does this mean?Others became monsters for a while at his words, but when encouragement came to push, in their own Final Judgment, they found some redemption.

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If you’ve been through Netflix’s “Midnight Mass” and are looking for answers to what that cliffhanger ending means, TheWrap has a revelation that will lead to the safety of your confusion, thanks to the series’ creators themselves.

So what we’re talking about here is the end of the “Midnight Mass”, when the Angels have flown away long before sunrise, following Erin Greene’s (Kate Siegel) dying attempt to slice off her wings completely to prevent her from becoming capable of defeating the sun. Once she’s out of sight, and the inhabitants of Crockett Island who have been turned into vampire-like creatures by the Angels burn in the sun, previously crippled but healed by the Angel Leeza Scarborough (Annarah Cymone) gives the last line of the show while sitting in a small boat off the coast. beach with fellow survivor Warren Flynn (Igby Rigney): “I can’t feel my feet.”

Now, one can assume – as TheWrap does – that Lisa’s line means that the Angels didn’t make it in time and were burned by the sun too, just off-screen, and thus any trait in the blood of a celestial being that allowed her to regain use of her legs. has stopped working in him.

was the ending, we were told that our theory wrong. . But Flanagan does “love that it’s your read,” so don’t lose faith if that’s your takeaway too.

Okay, so now for the true meaning of the ending, courtesy of Flanagan: “We’re not saying she died… Our only hope is really to say that Leeza’s concentration in her blood is starting to drop, that she’ll be okay. We don’t want to confirm about Angel, that way you can never kill fanaticism, it will always come back. But I love that that’s what it means to you!”