What are the hidden messages and meanings behind every scene in ‘Parasite’ (2019)?

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What are the hidden messages and meanings behind every scene in ‘Parasite’ (2019)?

Answered on Quora Indonesia by Dwi Ananda Gunawan, source of answer from Twitter thread by @whysky96 .

Before I answer I would like to congratulate the entire crew and cast of the film “PARASITE” on their victory at the OSCAR 2020 event, especially in the most prestigious category “Best Picture”. Truly, a very very very proud achievement!

Behind the success of this film, it turns out that there are several hidden things that can be analyzed scene by scene from this film which I will try to explain one by one.

(This analysis is taken from various sources including the media as well as fan opinion on Twitter)

1. Morse Code

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Remember the old maid husband who lived in the basement using Morse code to ask Dasong for help? Why didn’t Dasong tell his parents right away?

What actually happened was that Dasong misinterpreted the Morse code which should be HELP to HOLP, so the message failed to be delivered.

2. Rain

It’s raining. Some rich people like rain to come for various reasons, while poor people don’t like rain because it causes havoc (floods that fill poor families’ homes).

3. Hide under the table.

Loaded with many meanings, one of which is that upper class people don’t care about lower class people.

4. Difference between rich people and poor people

It is easy for rich people to do good because their lives are easier, while poor people often act beyond reasonable limits because of the harshness of life.

5. Irony

Remember at the beginning of the film, Cungsok’s mother joked by saying “it’s better to bring food”. It’s ironic to see that in the future Jessica’s daughter brings food to the basement man, but instead Kiwoo brings the stone which causes the murders afterwards…

6. The old maid and the guy in the basement

The weakness of MoonGwang (old maid) mentioned by Mr. Park is that he eats too much, which means he always feeds his husband in the basement secretly.

When the basement guy says “respect” to Mr. Park, even when he’s dying and being ignored, it means how billionaires are idolized and respected by some in society. (And also because he was living in the basement).

7. Eye sensor in Movie Poster

Are you curious why on the poster the eyes are covered with sensors like that? In the opinion of fans, the white censor is good (the host) and the black censor is bad (the parasite).

8. Soundtrack “564”

At the NY film festival, the director and lead actor said that after the film’s ending, Bong Joon Hoe added a song while Kiwoo was in the basement. The title of the soundtrack in the last scene is “564”. Which according to the director, Kiwoo’s current state (income) took 564 years to be able to buy the house.

9. Movie Posters

Guys, don’t you know that this poster is already showing a spoiler? If not, try installing it…

Jessica – Dasong

Kiwoo – Dahye

Mr. Park – Kim Ki Taek

Madam (Yeon Kyo) – Chung Sook

So according to some this poster contains a different story depending on who is looking at it. Well, I think this movie poster is the same, you could say it contains a lot of spoilers (story) in it. Especially if you have watched it, you will be more aware.

In both posters there are various similarities that have their own stories.

1. Teepee (Indian house) – Indicates that this house has been occupied and has an owner (like America used to be, the original inhabitants were Indians) but they had immigrants (invaded by invaders). In the first scene, Kiwoo just entered the house, Dasong was playing arrows like an Indian tribe and someone was aiming at Kiwoo. Here depicts where Dasong (and family) is Indian, his home is America and Kiwoo is colonizer.

2. The green color of the grass and trees (can be clearly seen in the poster) is a bit dull and not a healthy plant green. The grass has been poisoned by external factors. What it means is that this house has been entered by something from the outside and something (Kiwoo’s family + maid) has changed the condition of this house in a negative direction (parasite).

3. Kiwoo and his family entered this house to change their fate for the better.

There is an article that says that movie posters (see the first picture in this answer) are made like a crime scene, why? Because there is clearly a corpse and something must have happened in this house. Well, because of what happened in this house, everyone who has business with this house knows something.

So the perpetrators, victims and sources have the right not to reveal their identities. So here’s why they are censored.

Once again congratulations to PARASITE for winning the highest award in OSCAR, namely “BEST PICTURE”! Hopefully in the future there will be more Asian films that can excel in the international arena, including Indonesian films.