Weakness Becomes Strength, Here’s a Discussion About Metal Control In Avatar Animation


Metalbending besides being a branch of controlling the earth element, it is also the most interesting control in Avatar animation. This control utilizes steel or metal around the earth controllers and they can use to deal with their enemies.

On this occasion, we will discuss thoroughly about this branch of metal control. Curious? Immediately, this is the discussion.

Toph Who Found It

For over thousands of years, earthbenders have had the disadvantage of having no land for them to control. Toph is the first earthbender who can overcome this weakness by finding a branch of control for earthbenders.

Toph managed to do it the first time when she was being held captive by her parents. From there, Toph developed how to master these controls to make them more useful and cover their weaknesses. Unfortunately, Toph still can’t feel the seismic sense on the steel surface.

Actually It Is The Surface Of The Earth That Has Been Clarified

These words are an explanation from Teacher Pathik when teaching Aang to master the Avatar State . On one occasion, Pathik said that there is no insurmountable weakness. He gave an example of a steel or metal surface that is actually still part of the earth. However, it has undergone various processes.

The concept returns in the Avatar Korra series , at the time of Suyin (Toph’s second daughter). He taught Korra by using a steel surface that was completely still liquid. That became the learning method of controlling steel at that time.

Have Two Different Learning Methods In Its Development

When Toph founded her steel control school, Toph was still using the old methods. Remember the meteorite Sokka gave Toph when she was making a sword? This is the part that Toph uses with her students.

Along with the times, the teaching method of controlling steel has changed. Instead of using meteorite stones, Suyin used raw metal that had not been hardened.

So in addition to controlling it, his students can also shape these metals according to their wishes. Of course, the learning stage is also gradual and not all metals can be formed.

Become a Republican City Police Requirement

The rapid development of steel or metal control has also made this control increasingly popular. After Toph managed to form a Republican city police, he required all his members to be able to control metal.

So that during Korra’s time, there were already many people or people of the Avatar World who were also experts in controlling it.