We still love Emily in Paris


While last year’s craze for the popular and hateful Netflix series at the same time, the second season of the series is also the perfect choice for the early days of the gloomy year. Criticism.

It happened more than a year ago that we defended Emily on charges of xenophobia in Paris :

the series that everyone loved to hate – except those who actually watched it,

for in a minute they were taken off their feet by the charm and (instead of American arrogance) openness of the American marketing girl, which fortunately lacked generosity and naivety.

Emily is a girl with an E-pendant around her neck – it’s not an easy case. If necessary, he responds strikingly to the attacks he has received, and always, in all circumstances, remains himself. At the end of his first season last year, we stopped his adventures during his mission to Paris, and at the very end of the last episode, it turned out to be SPOILER! after spending a hot night with the guy next door, Gabriel, who works as a chef, to say goodbye, the boy doesn’t go home to Normandy to open a restaurant, but stays in Paris – so there’s nothing stopping him from being with his girlfriend again (definitely not Emily), they broke up.

The second season picks up the yarn right here in about a minute, and soon shortens Emily’s dilemma (since, in principle, there’s nothing stopping her and Gabriel from finally being able to be together), in a completely distinctive way. Our heroine, as always, wants to do the right thing right now, but since she’s obviously not an emotionless robot, she doesn’t always succeed. And of course what will have to happen soon – and we’re still only a third of the series, so there’s still a lot going on in the story of Emily, Gabriel and Camille.

One might think, at least – but since the screenwriters are putting the events of the “sweet threesome” briefly and strangely, there will be no huge excitement with them from the halfway point of the series (again this time in ten parts). Which is pretty surprising, as one hundred percent of viewers expect to have something already with Emily and Gabriel.

Instead, we get a series of little color stories about the girl’s work that complement the main plot – but this time, unfortunately, they aren’t too exciting either.

It may just be the charm of the novelty, but Emily’s striking marketing ideas no longer seem as striking as the intricacies associated with the two passionate fashion gurus (Pierre Cadault, who met last season, and a newly introduced figure). is flat, and none of the characters are exciting enough to sustain interest for several episodes. In return, the fate of Mindy, Emily’s girlfriend / roommate and disgusting boss, Sylvie, is further complicated.

However, this does not make up for the little things lost – although they have to be left, they both wrote a good thread of action and it is a pleasure to watch the actresses who shape them (especially Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu, who brought Sylvie).

However, we will notice the past only long after the series is finished, calmly and coolly looking at the past,

as throughout the story, the protagonist’s captivating character simply obscures them. The scenario may not be as good as it was in the first season, but as long as we watch Lily Collins parade the streets and squares of Paris as a fashion show, it won’t show up.

Emily is like the four central figures in Sex and the City together:
loves sex but not as obsessed as Samantha, has morals but not as careful as Charlotte, is as smart as Miranda but not as stiff and has as good observations as Carrie, just not so insecure ”We wrote in our critique of the first season about the protagonist, who is still like that and who (more precisely the actress who shaped her) is still very similar to Audrey Hepburn; plus the stylists have discovered for this season how good she is in purple and red, so it’s really not hard to love Emily inside and out.

And the script, even if it wobbles a little this time, is built very consistently, so it’s going to be really easy to forget about Emily’s attractive personality and her new adventures at heart. We recalled above what a brutal cliffhanger the first season ended with. Well, if possible, the creators were able to digest even that, and at the very end of the second season, they cut the story almost in a sentence. So the good news is that – if it hasn’t been officially announced yet – the series is sure to continue . And the latest parts of Emily in Paris in the meantime (although we’ve calmed down since the first episodes and can look more objectively after the initial enthusiasm)

they are excellent at helping through this terrible 2021 aggravated by Covid and much more into the new year.