Ways of Positive Affirmations to Reduce Negative Thoughts


Negative thoughts can ruin your life, because negative thinking will have an impact on a person’s mood and mental state. If you don’t deal with it immediately, the bad effects will be increasingly felt in your life. Doing work becomes unfocused, social relationships become unhealthy, and feelings will always be restless.

Then, how to reduce negative thoughts that keep coming into your mind? The trick is simple, try to do positive affirmations every day to yourself. When experiencing things that are tiring or unpleasant, say positive sentences to encourage yourself. For those of you who are still confused, how to do it. Come on, consider the following five ways.

1. Commit to doing it regularly

To be able to get the good benefits of positive affirmations, then commit to doing it regularly. Be strong and resolve the intention in your heart. Then, for the first step, think about what kind of positive affirmation you would like to say to yourself.

For example, saying sentences like, I love myself, I am grateful for this life, every effort I make to achieve my goals will definitely succeed, and so on. Say the sentence regularly, you can say it when you just wake up, or at night when you go to sleep.

2. Choose an affirmative sentence that fits your current condition

Any positive sentence, you can make as your affirmation every day. However, so that you can get even more maximum results, then choose an affirmation sentence that really fits your current condition. The burden of negative thoughts that you are feeling will definitely decrease.

When you are feeling stressed and depressed due to always thinking about unstable financial conditions, even though your needs continue to increase, you can use positive affirmations such as, I am grateful that I still have a job and generate income to meet needs, and so on.

3. Write down your positive affirmations

Affirmation is a statement that must be said. However, to make it even more powerful, you can also write it down. Use paper or a book, or a smartphone, to write down the positive affirmations you want to say. If you write it down using paper, then stick it on your bedroom wall.

Then, every morning when you wake up and at night when you go to sleep, read your positive affirmations. Do it regularly every day. The goal is that your previously negative thoughts can turn into more positive ones. When the mind is positive, then to go through the activities of the day, you will always be excited. And when night falls, your sleep will also be more restful.

4. Make sure when you say it, your heart is in a happy state

Emotions in humans are divided into two, namely negative emotions and positive emotions. Negative emotions often make the mind also become negative, so to eliminate negativity in the mind, make sure when affirming your mood is in a happy and happy state, so that what appears in your heart and mind is positive emotions.

Calm yourself and do breathing techniques, try to keep your emotions in a stable and positive state. When the heart is calm, peaceful, happy, excited and so on, then you say positive affirmations that you have set yourself in the sentence, according to your actual condition.

5. Take real action from the positive affirmations you say

The next way in positive affirmations to reduce negative thoughts is, don’t forget to take real action from the affirmations you say every day. This will make you more excited and motivated to always have positive thoughts in living this life.

After all, no matter how much and how good your affirmation is, if it’s just a word, it won’t do anything. Even negative thoughts will still exist, so in order for positive changes to occur in your heart, mind and life, don’t forget to act realistically according to your positive affirmations.

Negative thoughts can indeed appear at any time and for anyone. However, do not feel pressured by it, because there are still ways to reduce it. One of them is by making positive affirmations to yourself every day.

After knowing how to use it, then what are you waiting for? Immediately create your positive affirmations and say them regularly, if necessary make this a good habit . The sooner you do it, the sooner you will feel the positive benefits.