Wayne Rooney Makes A Statement That Stabs Cristiano Ronaldo’s Heart, What Is It?


Wayne Rooney also commented amid the uncertainty about the future of Cristiano Ronaldo. He said that signing the star was not ‘useful’ for Manchester United.

To Sky Sports, the Manchester United legend also revealed that what should have been brought in were young players who had high desire.

“You have to say it’s not ‘useful’ at the moment. He scored some important goals, including an important goal in the Champions League earlier this season, he also scored a hat-trick against Tottenham”, said Rooney.

Ronaldo is not young anymore he is not a 20 year old player,” he added.

Questions like the one Rooney expressed are often asked by a small number of Red Devils fans, especially when they have disappeared from the starting line-up several times.

Cristiano Ronaldo had disappeared from the list of players when they hosted Leicester. However, Ralf Rangnick said the Portugal star was not feeling well.

Since being sent home by the Red Devils, the player who has won 5 Ballon d’Or has made 33 appearances, scoring 18 goals and 3 assists.

His future is also more unclear after United fasting title again this season. Something rare event for the megastar.

In addition, Manchester United is in danger of failing to appear in the Champions League next season, after being held to a draw by Leicester City in the 31st week of the Premier League.

Now Cristiano Ronaldo is still waiting for the figure of a new Manchester United coach. If the coach who arrives does not meet expectations, he threatens to leave Old Trafford.

Rooney and Ronaldo once had a conflict
Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney were frightening figures in their time. The duo managed to win various titles with Man United.

The peak was when they were able to synergize and win the Champions League title in 2008. Which at the same time was able to win the English League title.

Cristiano Ronaldo has scored 136 goals for the Red Devils, while Wayne Rooney is the club’s all-time top scorer with 253 goals.

But in the midst of that success, the two of them had conflicts when they wore their respective national teams. Precisely in the quarter-finals of the 2006 World Cup.

Wayne Rooney stepped on Portugal defender Ricardo Carvalho in the second half. A commotion ensued between the two teams.

Uniquely, Cristiano Ronaldo participated in inciting the referee so that Wayne Rooney was given a severe punishment. Rooney, angered, pushed Cristiano Ronaldo.

As a result Wayne Rooney was actually expelled by Horacio Elizondo who served as a referee at that time. England, who was lame, had to lose on penalties.

Wayne Rooney told after the incident they had reconciled shortly after the game ended. He also played a few seasons after that until Ronaldo signed for Real Madrid.

Wayne Rooney also said something that was quite strange. He likes Lionel Messi more than Cristiano Ronaldo. The statement was once revealed in an article in the Sunday Times.

Cristiano is ruthless in the box, a killer, but Messi will torture you before he kills.”

Wayne Rooney still dreams of coaching Manchester United
Former England striker Wayne Rooney is still dreaming of coaching Manchester United after turning down Everton’s offer some time ago.

Former England striker Wayne Rooney is known to be a talented coach since dealing with Derby County some time ago.

Even though Derby County stumbled at the bottom of the Premier League Championship Division in the 2021/2022 season, Rooney remains one of the heroes, considering that a makeshift squad can still give victory.

His talent in bringing the team to make Rooney was rumored to be returning to his youth club, Everton to coach, but he chose to turn it down.