Watch the Korean film Midnight, Wi Ha Joon’s Action becomes a Bloodthirsty Psychopath


Played by Wi Ha Joon and Jin Ki Joo as the main characters, the film Midnight tells the story of a deaf woman who becomes the next target of a psychopath’s murder.

Carrying the thriller genre, the film Midnight presents tense sensations and dangerous scenes for adults. So, what will the action of Wi Ha Joon and Jin Ki Joo be like this time?

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Midnight Movie Synopsis

Tells the story of Kyung Mi (Jin Ki Joo), who is deaf and works as a sign language counselor at a call center. One night, Kyung Mi sees a murder, which makes her the next target.

The psychopath killer is Dok Sik (Wi Ha Joon). That night, he wanted to carry out his heinous act by killing Kyung Mi’s mother. However, the plan was abandoned when he saw a high school girl named Soo Jung (Kim Hye Yoon).

When he wants to carry out his evil intentions, Dok Sik is caught by Kyung Mi. This makes the psychopath ambitious to make Kyung Mi the next target for murder.

Having evil goals, Dok Sik’s daily life is far from suspicious. During the day, he will turn into a friendly and polite man. But when night falls, Dok Sik will carry out his criminal actions.

In the teaser trailer for Midnight , Kyung Mi lives in fear after she catches Dok Sik’s murder.

The psychopathic killer also keeps following Kyung Mi, and bullies her by showing a knife when in public, and tries to throw an ax at Kyung Mi’s head.

In addition, there is also Jong Tak (Park Hoon) as the older brother of Soo Jung, a high school girl who was killed by Dok Sik. He is a former Marine Corps officer currently working in the security services.

Midnight film began filming in September 2019, and was completed at the end of 2019. It was planned to be released in the first half of 2020, but the Midnight film has been delayed and is officially released in June 2021.

7 Facts about the Korean film Midnight, the story of the deaf being chased by a serial killer!

The film Midnight premieres in South Korean theaters in June 2021, as well as the online streaming platform TVING.

1. List of popular players
The film Midnight will star Jin Ki Joo, Kim Hye Yoon, and Wi Ha Joon as the main characters. Jin Ki Joo is a 32-year-old actress who has acted in the dramas Come and Hug Me, The Secret Life of My Secretary, and Homemade Love Story. Meanwhile, Kim Hye Yoon will soon be starring in a sageuk drama titled Tale of the Secret Royal Inspector and Jo Yi with 2PM’s Taecyeon. Lastly, Wi Ha Joon is an actor who previously acted in dramas With Coffee, Romance is a Bonus Book, and 18 Again.

2. Jin Ki Joo plays a deaf girl
Jin Ki Joo will play Kyung Mi, a deaf girl who lives with her mother. He has no dialogue in the film and only communicates by sign language and typing text through his cellphone. He works in a sign language based customer call center and one day sees a murder and becomes a new target by the serial killer.

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3. Wi Ha Joon the serial killer
Wi Ha Joon will play a serial killer named Do Shik. He is a murderous figure who is ready to kill both men and women indiscriminately at night, but turns into a warm and courteous man during the day.

This is a synopsis of the Korean film Midnight. One day, Do Shik sees Kyung Mi’s mother (Jin Ki Joo) to be targeted for assassination, but that immediately changes when So Jung (Kim Hye Yoon) walks past him talking on the phone. While killing the girl, he is seen by Kyung Mi and makes the woman his new prey.

4. Kim Hye Yoon became a victim
Kim Hye Yoon will be playing So Jung, a high school student who is the last person to see Do Shik before Kyung Mi. He is stabbed by Do Shik as the girl walks past the serial killer. So Jung has an older brother who is a former officer in the Marine Corps.

5. The supporting actors also steal the show
In addition to the three actors, there are also supporting actors who are no less great, namely Park Hoon and Kil Hae Yeon. Park Hoon, who has acted in Descendants of the Sun, plays Jong Tak, So Jung’s older brother and a former officer in the Marine Corps. He works for a security company and stops at nothing to protect his sister from a serial killer. Meanwhile, Kil Hae Yoon will be Kyung Mi’s mother who is also deaf.

6. Finished shooting in 2019
This thriller genre film has actually been shooting since the end of 2019 and is scheduled to air in early 2020. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the production has postponed the broadcast schedule to June 30, 2021.

7. Tense-filled scenes
Based on the trailer that was released in early June, this film will provide tension that is guaranteed to make you hold your breath! The trailer starts with Kyung Mi picking up her mother, then moves to the scene where Kim Hye Yoon is killed by Do Shik and meets the serial killer. The scene gets more tense as Do Shik chases after Kyung Mi and tries to get close to his new target.