Watch Anime Boruto, 5 of the Strongest Characters in the Current Shinobi Era


The Boruto series is currently being talked about. How not, in the manga in chapter 51, Naruto who was struggling against Isshiki Otsutsuki gave a signal that he would end. Suddenly Naruto’s quote in the manga became the talk of netizens. Even rumors of his death are trending on social media until now.

Boruto is by manga artist Ukyō Kodachi. The series was first released as a manga version on May 9, 2016, published by Shonen Jump magazine. Boruto himself is the son of the strongest shinobi Uzumaki Naruto who has direct power from the Otsutsuki clan. For those who don’t know, this series is also a continuation of the generation in the Naruto era.

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In the anime version, this series is made a much better version in terms of visuals. This is also due to a much more modern technology for visualization development than its predecessor series. Boruto is described as having a stronger enemy than Kaguya who was defeated by Naruto and the shinobi in the era of the fourth ninja world war.

Several new, strong characters have also emerged in this series. However, there are some characters who existed in the Naruto era who are still formidable shinobi and even have the strength of the Otsutsuki clan. Well, here are the five strongest shinobi in the Boruto era that have been summarized by the Ciripatv channel.

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Uchiha Sasuke

Uchiha Sasuke can indeed be said to be one of the strongest ninja in shinobi history. He is Uchiha Itachi’s younger brother and is the only person saved in the clan massacre.

Sasuke is also a character who is described as full of ambition and full of revenge which makes him even stronger. At the time of the fourth shinobi world war, he was given the power of a god by Hagoromo. This makes it the strongest uchiha because it has the power of the highest level of sharingan which then evolves into the Rinnegan.

At the time of Kaguya’s fight against the shinobi only Sasuke and Naruto could stop him. He also has the power of the highest level of Susano’o which is the mainstay of Indra’s jutsu, the son of Hagoromo.

After the shinobi war ended, he was assigned to spy on the movement of the Otsutsuki clan which is thought to still reside in the world. He was assigned to this mission because only Sasuke was able to do it. From his mission, it was later revealed that the hiding places of the otsutsuki in the Boruto series were revealed.

Uzumaki Naruto
Naruto is indeed the most powerful ninja among the shinobi that ever existed. Although he was a fool in his youth, Naruto was able to prove himself to be a protective shinobi for everyone.

Naruto is also a Jinchuriki or a person who has the power of a bijuu. The Kyuubi is a nine-tailed ferret-shaped beast that was implanted into him when he was born. This is also what makes him strong among others, can even turn himself into a monster.

Naruto is also a student of a legendary sanin, Jiraiya. Jiraiya also bequeathed summoned animals in the form of a word named Gamabunta and Gamakichi from Myoboku Hill. And because of Jiraiya Naruto was able to learn the sennin mode jutsu which is a forbidden jutsu for shinobi because this can result in destroying his own body.

At the time of the shinobi world war against Kaguya, Naruto was also given the power of a god from Hagoromo. He finally inherited the power of Hagoromo’s son, Ashura. Turning him into a demigod shinobi. Naruto can also combine his jinchuri powers with the power of sennin mode which makes him have unlimited power. This is what he did against Obito who became the Juubi, a 10-tailed demon.

Urashiki Otsutsuki
Urashiki is a member of the Otsutsuki clan. He became one of the strongest characters because of his jutsu that cannot be mastered by just anyone. He is a subordinate of Momoshiki Otsutsuki who intends to reclaim the chakra tree to gain eternal power.

As a member of the Otsutsuki, Urashiki is said to have the doujutsu Byakugan as well as the Rinnegan which allows him to move to another dimension using a portal. In addition, he is also equipped with a fishing rod-shaped weapon that is often used to steal other people’s chakra.

Depicted in the anime, when he fought Boruto, Naruto and Jiraiya, Urashiki managed to change his form to sennin mode like Momoshiki did. He managed to change his shape like a bird which makes him have great strength.

Momoshiki Otsutsuki
Momoshiki Otsutsuki is one of the three members of the Otsutsuki clan who came to earth to seek the greatest Chakra power on the planet which power is within Naruto.

Momoshiki had time to fight Naruto and Sasuke at once, but in fact the two of them were still no match for a Momoshiki. By using the Rinnegan in his left hand, Momoshiki is able to absorb all the chakra.

In his right hand, he is able to make Jutsu many times more powerful and able to parry his attacks. The last of his Rinnegan is located on his forehead. It’s still unknown what the Rinnegan that’s on his forehead can do. However, it is certain that Momoshiki is one of the strongest characters in the Boruto series.

Jigen or Isshiki Otsutsuki
The most powerful character so far in the Boruto series is Isshiki Otsutsuki, who is Kaguya’s partner and has been in Jigen’s body for a long time.

Using Jigen’s body, Isshiki was able to fight Naruto and Sasuke together and still win the fight. His main goal is to find Kawaki, and swapping Jigen’s body with Kawaki’s body makes it the most perfect vessel for an Otsutsuki.