Was Hiruzen Really Not Taking Care of Naruto? Here’s the Situation


Naruto had no parents since he was a baby, the reason being that Minato and Kushina died while protecting Naruto on the day he was born.

Since the baby Naruto was entrusted to Hiruzen, but when he was entrusted to the Third Hokage, why did Naruto’s childhood suffer? Was it not taken care of by Hiruzen?

1. Naruto actually got pocket money and necessities since childhood from Hiruzen… but based on what we see in flashbacks, that money seems often lacking
When Naruto was small, Hiruzen was shown meeting small Naruto and giving him pocket money for monthly needs.

But it still doesn’t feel right, or maybe Naruto just can’t manage his money properly? Of course he’s still a child!

Many moments show that Naruto is hungry but only has little money and can’t buy Ramen at Ichiraku.

2. Apart from giving pocket money, Hiruzen was never shown to actively take care of Naruto
Apart from giving Naruto pocket money, has there ever been a moment when Hiruzen took care of Naruto actively?

I don’t think so, maybe Hiruzen rarely met Naruto other than to give him pocket money.

So it was never shown that Hiruzen cared for Naruto like his own child or a child entrusted to him to look after.

3. Hiruzen probably didn’t treat Naruto specially to avoid suspicion
Perhaps, Hiruzen didn’t treat Naruto specifically so he wouldn’t raise suspicions, why was Naruto the Jinchuriki treated special by the Hokage.

The reason Naruto used the name Uzumaki, not even Namikaze was to avoid his father’s enemies targeting Naruto.

So maybe, Hiruzen didn’t treat Naruto specially for the same reason so as not to make people suspicious.

4. But not taking good care of Naruto felt wrong and made Naruto’s childhood very miserable
If it’s like the previous point, maybe Hiruzen didn’t treat Naruto in a special way because he avoided suspicion.

But still not taking good care of Naruto is also a mistake made by Hiruzen.

When Naruto was ostracized and bullied by a village, it seemed that Hiruzen was never actively involved in protecting Naruto. In fact, what Naruto really needed was just a friend.

He is ostracized by the village and lives alone, it seems that one person to talk to is more than enough. That’s why Sasuke once said that the Kage Bunshin technique was ironic for Naruto, it was a technique so that Naruto would not be alone.

The conclusion is this…

There was a possibility that Hiruzen couldn’t treat Naruto specially out of good intentions.

But since we are shown the many sad moments that young Naruto faced… Hiruzen in the eyes of the audience did not really care for Naruto.