Warner Bros. to Create Series Telling Pennywise’s Past


After being remade in 2017, the film IT was very well received by audiences from all over the world. This success is the reason for the sequel, IT, two years later. The story revolves around a gang of losers who have been separated for decades and return to Dery to once again defeat the evil clown Pennywise.

After the film ended, there is no sign of this film will be made a third sequel. Because at the end of the second film, the story ends with Pennywise’s defeat, which doesn’t seem like it will appear again forever

However, because so many people liked this film, the production house Warner Bros. saw it as a potential to develop the story of this film. Adapted from The Ankler page, Warner Bros. is preparing a prequel to the IT film franchise in serial form.

Later this series prequel will answer all the audience’s questions about who Pennywise really is. Including how the background and why he can become a terrible clown monster that terrorizes Derry City once every 27 years.

Pennywise’s background is indeed a big question mark that the two previous IT films failed to explain. Most likely the title of this series is Welcome to Derry and will be set in the 1960s

Even so, it is not certain which actors will appear in the prequel to the film IT. However, it is very likely that Bill Skarsgard will still be lined up as Pennywise. Not without reason, his actions in the two previous IT films are one of the attractions of this film franchise

If the people in front of the screen are still uncertain, it is different with the position of the screenwriter. Most likely the scenario of this series will be made by Barbara Muschietti and Jason Fuchs.

The clown Pennywise does have magic in all IT films and bringing him back to life in the form of a prequel series will certainly be good news for his fans. If it’s true and confirmed, hopefully it can shoot soon because many people are curious about Pennywise’s origins.