Warner Bros: Facts about the Riddler SPOILERS The Batman Movie

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Warner Bros. opened the year 2022 brilliantly, its latest movie , entitled The Batman , received a lot of positive responses and received high ratings from almost every source. The movie starring Robert Pattinson is considered one of the best ” Batman ” reboot movies .

Although unfortunately this movie is not in the same universe as the DC Extended Universe or DCEU, so it is unlikely to meet other superheroes like the Avengers movie . One that attracts attention is the villain character named Riddler .

Riddler is a villain or genius criminal who uses his genius for evil. Appearing in The Batman , this character is less well known, especially if you haven’t read the comics.

Launching from the Ferris wheel, here are facts about DC’s Riddler villain that are full of puzzles:

1. Having Three Different Last Names

Many say that Ridller and Joker have many things in common, including being both intelligent and full of deceit. In addition, the identity of the Riddler can be said to be mysterious because he comes with three different last names throughout his appearance in the comics.

Riddler known as Edward Nigma or abbreviated E. Nigma at the beginning of its appearance. Later his last name was changed to Nygma. Then there was news again Riddler was actually born with the real name Edward Nashton DC villains.

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2. First Appeared in October 1948 in Detective Comics

The character created by Bill Finger and Dick Sprang is said to have loved puzzles since he was a child. Edward continued to practice his puzzle solving skills until he worked at the carnival as an adult DC villains.

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3. Does not have superpowers, but only intelligence

Unlike other DC villains who have the ability to fly, super punches, and even shoot lasers from their eyes, Riddler doesn’t have all of that. All he has is a genius that uses his power to deceive and trap his victims.


4. Jim Carrey Was A Riddler Actor in His First Appearance

In the 1990s, Riddler was used as a villain in the movie Batman Forever and was played by the legendary actor Jim Carrey. However, it is reported that before the election of Jim Carrey to play the Riddler, Warner Bros. had targeted Robin Williams to play the Riddler. Another interesting fact, the legendary singer Michael Jackson is trying to get the role of the Riddler.

Those are 4 facts about the Riddler , the new enemy in the enigmatic movie of the batman. To find out other facts from Riddler, you can watch it yourself in your favorite cinema.