Warcraft: The Beginning; A Bland Beginning


Warcraft is an MMORPG-themed game that has millions of fans who have played the game since the appearance of Warcraft: Orcs & Humans in 1994 to the most recent World of Warcraft: Legion, and of course Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne which is very popular in Indonesia –to be honest. right now I still don’t understand how to play–. The popularity of this game franchise has certainly made Blizzard, the company that made this game, interested in making a live-action film based on the game, but plans since 2002 have only materialized in 2016 because the initial plan for making this game in 2002 clashed with the more famous film of the same genre, Lord. of The Rings.

This film is not as expected by some people – including some people I know – who expect heroes in DotA games to appear, because this film does not tell about it. The film “Warcraft: The Beginning” is set before the (prequel) game Warcraft: Orcs & Humans. The plot of the story chosen is actually very interesting to see how the beginning of the fantasy story of the war between the Orcs and Humans begins, unfortunately the execution taken by director Duncan Jones – who is also the scriptwriter – seems to fail. I really liked Duncan Jones’ previous film, Source Code. The story is presented so flat and without any element of surprise . Even twistwhat I’m trying to show is also not surprising, because the storytelling from the start allowed me to guess before the twist was revealed.

The actors in this film also feel very bland and seem flat, not convincing especially for human actors. The absence of the right time to introduce the characters – tends to be forced just arbitrarily – makes us ignorant and there is no emotional bond with the characters who play in this film, apart from the fact that the names of the characters are difficult to memorize and the many orcs that make it easy for the audience to become confused and distracted. Paula Patton, who plays Garona, a “half-orc”, also looks normal, which makes me wonder why she turned down the offer to appear in Mission Impossible Rogue Nation after previously appearing in Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol. The dialogues performed by the actors also look flat and boring, even the dialogue that should be humorous actually seems “what the hell”.

From the graphic point of view there is a very good side and a side where it looks like a low- budget film, even though this film has a budget of around $130 million. The scenery of the actual location is magnificent, but unfortunately this film does not provide a pause moment to simply enjoy or digest this world of Warcraft. The use of CGI effects for the Orcs looks satisfying, although it feels like a game at times which can get a little weird. If you can compare the CGI, this film is more inclined to The Hobbit than Lord of The Ring, and LoTR has a much better effect even though it was made beforehand with technology that is not as sophisticated as now.

In addition, this film has very bad editing where there are many transitions between scenes that look strange and make me mutter “how come this suddenly”. Perhaps this was due to Universal Pictures’ forcing a 40-minute cut which resulted in elements of the film being omitted, which made the film’s story a bit difficult to digest and strange.

Overall, this film is not recommended for audiences who don’t understand this game at all or don’t understand this kind of medieval fantasy genre . Duncan Jones, who is also a Warcraft gamer, seems to have just created a fan service that includes a few easter eggs – which should be an important element – ​​but is considered a breeze for those who don’t understand the film. The fight scenes that look epic – even though in some ways look stupid and cliché – but again unfortunately don’t have a “wow” effect and don’t make an impression, which in my opinion is a failure in itself for Jones. For the start of what was planned to be a trilogy filmWarcraft, unfortunately “Warcraft: The Beginning” feels very bland.